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Just the Way I Quit Smoking Part IV of Several

Mr Wonderful sported a half-sleeve tattoo, a work in progress, of characters from the childrens' book Where the Wild Things Are, which was important to him. Something metaphoric about the darkness. He named his cat Max.

I believe it was that Friday after Superbowl --  he took the day off to have work done on it. Then he delayed our time meeting up, saying he needed to hang with a friend who he kept putting off.

I came over at my Newly Assigned Time, and he explained how he'd stopped at a Nearby Sportsbar and showed some of the bartenders the work he'd had done.

"My friends, Amber and Sarah, They both love the tat. I'm something of a local celebrity at Nearby Sportbar, apparently. Oh, and they both asked about meeting you."

See, here's the thing about Other Women. There was always someone.

1) Papardelle Pasta Lady. Explained. Written off.

2)The Facebook Commenter. Her name was Haley or something. Once, off the cuff, Mr. Wonderful was showing me some funny…

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