banking suggestions

Do full moons really make people act crazy? Yesterday was a looong day for me. Everyone and their mom was overdrawn; everyone and their mom had multiple overdraft fees at the bank. Has the financial diaster of our time made the general public stop being responsible for their own finances? Do we think that just because banks may get a government bailout (so nicely coined as a "rescue plan") that fees for overdrawing your account will suddenly be null and void?

I visited a website yesterday when an upset customer wanted documentation regarding post-dated checks. (Please, don't write them or count on the person or business you make the check out to as far as keeping their word not to cash it until said date on the check. They can deposit it ahead of time if they want, and it will most likely clear your account before you are ready.)

Anywho, the website I found is I found it interesting and informative.

YAAAAAY! Banking is fun for everyone.


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