carbon monoxided at the bank

So, yesterday was fun. Three of the employees at my branch, myself included, almost passed out because our gas furnace was spitting out enought carbon monoxide to make us sick.

Apparently, our maintenence department came by at some point on Tuesday for routine maintenence on our furnance. That's the day one of my coworkers reported severe headaches. By Wednesday afternoon, she was completely irritable and thought the heater in the branch wasn't working correctly. She's new to the Ohio Valley, having grown up in Florida, so I think she was trying to justify it: "I'm just not used to running the heater. " But she insisted something was wrong with it and brought in two space heaters yesterday (Thursday) so we wouldn't have to run the heat.

Well, the heat still kicked on several times, and another coworker complained late yesterday afternoon of vertigo, racing heartbeat, feeling nauseated, etc. I was all, "What's wrong with her?!" until I went over to my teller station to help out with a long line of customers. I took care of a couple of people and then I took a deep breat and I swear, I almost passed clean out. I had to walk away from the customer and sit down for a few minutes.

Then we all started kind of freaking out. What's going on that we would all feel this way? Was it the pizza we ordered for lunch and shared? A customer tells us they smell gas, and we realize we want to check of the situation. We call Louisville Gas and Electric and the fire department. We close the branch about 45 minutes early. We think it could be a gas leak. We all decline to go to the hospital and drive ourselves home. (Yeah. I didn't drive myself; I had my husband pick me up. I felt so out of it I was afraid to drive.)

Later in the evening I check in with my coworkers. Yup, per LG&E, it was our gas furnance, spouting out enough carbon monoxide to make us all sick.

Ewww... now it's the next morning, and I feel better but sluggish. I'll survive, but what a crazy experience.


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