confessions of a registered indepedent

Oh, how they would laugh at me if I went into politics. I registered independent in 2000, my first year of eligibility. I voted for Ralph Nader after writing a paper (while attending the University of Kentucky) about the unfairness of the two party system. I hold onto this belief. I often use the analogy that folks don't always want apples and oranges; sometimes people like eating mangoes and blueberries or a pomegranate. My dad told me I wasted my vote, and I argued that it is only important to educate yourself and become part of the process.

By 2004 my feelings were similar, but I voted for John Kerry. I didn't love him, but I was scared of the direction in which Bush was leading our country. I always feel election year stress, but that year was the worst for me. I felt very concerned about where we were headed when Bush started his second term. Perhaps it wouldn't have mattered. Perhaps we would be worse off now, in 2008, had Kerry held the reins. I really don't know, nor does it matter. It's an unrealistic game of "what if" since we can't literally turn back the clock to reinvent our future. That year made me understand a little more of my own Mammaw's choice to never vote again after Nixon. She also upholds her commitment to refrain from complaining about the state of the union. God bless her. I couldn't do it.

This year, after a short bout of fear surrounding my thoughts of Obama, I now wholeheartedly support him and oppose McCain.

Last night's debate was the icing on the cake for me. How dare John McCain attack the eloquence of Barack Obama. This offended me is such a personal and profound way. The idea of orating is the heart of politicking, and to me, I feel McCain is jealous of Obama's ease of speech. The same man who wants us to believe we have to watch the way Obama words things - in his previous debate quips, uses verbiage such as "we need a cool hand at the tiller?!" That was, in my opinion the lowest blow of the disgusting campaign the republicans have run. Don't even get me started on my theory that the Republicans might even be running a campaign they don't want to win.

Finally, they talk about abortion. Yes, I am pro-choice. I am saddened about women who chose to abort for reasons of keeping their figure, but who am I to judge? If I were pregnant as the result of rape or if my life was in jeopardy or even, perhaps, if I knew the baby would be so deformed and unhealthy that he or she wouldn't have a chance to lead a fulfilling life - in ANY of these situations - I would want the right to terminate my pregnancy in the hands of a competent, qualified doctor. As well, I would want the support of a church in my choice, the opportunity to seek mental health care to see me through my painful decision. I would not want a doctor with a dirty knife or judgement from those who didn't agree with my decision.

Yes, abortion is always sad and tragic. But, I don't understand how ANY woman can choose to be pro-life. I guess it's easy to say abortion is wrong when you yourself have never been in a situation where choosing the life or death of an unborn child is an issue for you. I am thankful to have never been in this situation either, but I formed my belief by saying, "What if I was in those shoes?" McCain was concerned in the final debate about Obama's pleading that in cases of the health and life of the mother that partial-birth abortions be allowed. McCain had the audacity to say he was bothered by the generality of the word "health" as it pertained to mothers, indicating Obama would support PBA's for women who had cosmetic or weight based concerns. Who is McCain to act that way? Who is McCain to glamourize it like that? AHHHH!

But I digress. I could never become a politician because I would run as a democrat. I would be seen as too far left. I would be flogged for having given five dollars to the McCain camp, to get a button saying NOBAMA, which I found so offensive I had to buy it for posterity.


adn@n said…
Yes I do agree with you.

American is going to elect their president. We are waiting and hoping, will they choose the right one, then praised by the whole world or not? Let us wait and see. In God we trust.

by the way, a nice blog. I've got much. thanks...:)

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