saturday night's alright, alright, alriiiiiiiiight...

So last night we saw a Who Dun' It Murder Mystery live theatre show at Mastersons. I was a little miffed that my husband was the only person at our table to identify the killer. Well, no, I wasn't bothered that he was the only one at our table who figured it out - I was just mad because he deduced and I didn't!
We also went to Third Avenue Cafe for drinks. I haven't been in there for ages. My friend Megan describes it as "the friends coffeehouse but with liquor." The band was already tearing down their set when we arrived, around 9:00, but I imagined Phoebe riding away in a cab humming Smelly Cat to herself.

I finished the night at Mr. G's in Middletown, sans my moody hubby, who was ready to call it at night at ten in the evening on a Saturday. He said he didn't feel well. Maybe being thirty and a half years old does that to a man: maybe getting married does that to a man. It worked out nicely for me, though, as I got to get properly smashed and ride with a designated driver who stopped for food on our way home. (Eating Nachos bell Grande at two in the morning: priceless!) Plus, Murph waited up for me and let me watch the opening bit of SNL I tivo-ed and was dying to see. (Amy Poehler said "Tina Fey glasses!" I've been saying Tina Fey glasses at the bank all week!)

To my brother-in-law - thank you for singing Whiskey Lullaby with me, buying me Taco Bell, and dropping me off at my house. To Beka, his main squeeze - happy birthday and please let me borrow that red dress! To my dear Meegan, you looked stunning last night and I would want to borrow your outfit, too, if you weren't so damn tiny!

Now I'm off to Bloomington, Indiana for a girls weekend with my mammaw, mom, sister and niece. We'll shop and go to dinner and I'll catch up on IU basketball and assisted living gossip. I am super excited! Also, I debated for about four minutes on whether or not to put an apostrophe in girls weekend. (Girl's weekend?) You might think I am a little leftover drunk from last night when really I am just a grammar junkie. That was one hell of a fix!

p.s. therapy slash modeling was very, very cool. I may have signed on with cosmo, and they may be using the photo attached to this post as my temporary headshot. Maybe. I don't know. Maybe.


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