the week begins with the joys of espn

Monday, there's football. Ahhh, watching the Browns clobber the Giants was lovely. It was only a matter of time before Eli Manning threw an interception or three. Yes, I'm a Colts fan. Yes, I like Peyton way more. Sue me! I think I relate to P better than E since P and I are both oldest children.

Wait. Is that even true? Are their other Manning brothers out there? I should google it in a new window to ensure I am correct rather than writing out of my ass, but for all intents and purposes, it doesn't really matter. Write what you know, or write whatever you can conjure up. Facts don't matter. Ask most conservatives.

Back to ESPN. Tuesday, there's poker. Suck outs, Phil Hellmuth bitching and moaning, the lame jokes of Norman Chad... it just doesn't get better. I love watching the main event. I watched rather obsessively in 2006 and 2007. Both years I found out the winner before the show even aired. One year, I read it in Velocity - it was the only time I've ever been mad at Velocity. Another year, a co worker all but ruined it for me by pulling it up on the Internet and saying, "Don't look at this!" Of course I looked, and saw the first name of the winner-to-be. (Yes, he'd already won, but the show hadn't aired, so it hadn't "really" happened yet, right?!) My colleague, which is way too kind a term for him, goes on: "Don't worry, you wouldn't know him or anything. He isn't a pro..."

Seriously? I am so over people who ruin things! My sister ruined Titanic for me, a client of mine ruined Into the Wild, etc.

So, there's this years crop of bracelet hopefuls, and the pool is down from thousands to 145... including five women. It angers me that I haven't been watching. I tivo-ed the 9:00 episode last night and watched it this morning and then realized there was a 10:00 episode, too. So I am not even caught up. For once, I haven't found out the winner ahead of time, and I can't even find the time to watch all the action.

Dang! Maybe they'll show the 10:00 episode again.

I love ESPN. They show reruns.


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