weekend bliss

Today, I have my first ever appointment with a therapist. How exciting! Well, let me be frank. It isn't my first session ever. However, when I tried therapy in the past, it usually ended with me crying uncontrollably and making a hasty exit. Google or you tube the song "What Do You Hear in These Sounds" for a better understanding of my feelings regarding therapy: "...and oh, how I loved/everybody else/when I finally got to talk/so much about myself..."

I'm not sure why, exactly, I am going to therapy - and hope no one judges me or finds it terribly self indulgent. I am making a bunch of life changes... marriage, submitting writing samples to various publications, toying with the idea of pursuing an MFA... and I feel that therapy will help me to keep it all in perspective.

I tend to attempt involvement in too many things at once. Perhaps I feign involvement, because it too often doesn't pan out into being actually involved. Err... sorry. I'll save it for the therapist!

After therapy, I am going to cosmo to meet with Kippy.

Therapy and modeling: what a perfect weekend!


Gorilla Bananas said…
Well crying is a good way of unburdening the soul. Your therapist should be able to handle it and give you a tissue.

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