what i get from watching heroes

Does everyone watch Heroes the way I do? Yes, I love the actors, the action, and the story. However, I have found lately that I watch the show from a lens that asks, "How does this actually relate to life?" This season, we find that the Patrelli parents are running opposing corporations, each with different agendas. Interestingly, we can't really pinpoint which is good or which is evil, and maybe neither is entirely good or evil... a facet of good television today which I adore. This idea that we can't fairly choose a side is one of the things I love about JJ Abrahms and those writers over at LOST. I wanted to side with Hayden's cheerleader Daddy, but now I'm wondering if Papa Patrelli and Pinehurst have it closer to right.

We can't really know. Whoever is in charge - whoever has the power - can spin their product, their services, their ideals to get more money, more power, more control. This problem, or this fact in general, seems to be rearing its ugly head in politics this month, and in the overall climate of the business world today.

McCain's camp would have us believe Obama is a friend of terrorists. Obama's camp tries to show us that McCain is out of touch and was a rubber stamp for G W Bush the last eight years... of course, each campaign has its agenda: to win the race. However, in a time of war and economic uncertainty, wouldn't it be more admirable to say, "Look, my opponent would do a great job. He's a human being just like me, and he's made mistakes as I have. We could work together."

Why instill fear, when the world is split in half? Why? I think it may be for more money, more power, more control. Perhaps we should be scared. I just wish that all the bipartisan talk could actually come to pass. "Reaching across the aisle" isn't going to be enough. It's time that Nancy Pelosi's words hit home to every political candidate, "THE PARTY IS OVER!" All political figures are becoming richer and richer while the middle class disappears. Yes, we are all grasping for the American Dream, but as we grasp, we must be careful what organizations and companies we sign up for.

McCain is not God. Obama is not the devil. They are just people. Hopefully, whoever takes the reigns of this country for the next four years will remember that. We shouldn't reach for the hem of McCain's garment. He isn't Jesus. He is a man. We shouldn't run in fear from those who support Obama, or from Obama himself. He isn't Lucifer. He is a man.

Will the Patrelli's ever come together on Heroes? Who will ultimately be "good" and who will be "evil?" Can we put either company in either box? Can we come together as a country? Will we choose good or evil? Can we ever truly be one or the other? We are all a mix of both, are we not?
My hope for the next several years is that, as a country and as people living in the world, we stop hating, judging, and running from one another in fear. Seek out those who believe differently and try to find common ground. If you feel anything at all, get involved locally. Give back. Do something positive. Talk. Let's start cooperating, forgiving, and figuring out that bipartisan is hard, but civil war or attacks here at home would be worse. Let's do something to change the greed, jealously, and fear that plague us all today.

Maybe I sound dreamy, but seriously... if politicians and heads of corporations teach us that we need more money, power, and control, then let's all go get more of it. Maybe we'll become the Heroes.


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