why, oh why? i am mad at best buy!

i am a banker. online bill payments are not supposed to be difficult. however, i've made the unbelievable error of waiting too long to pay my best buy credit card... it's due soon, and it's a holiday weekend! (everyone knows it's columbus day on monday, right?!)

anywho, i am now locked out of the best buy website, because i apparently tried too many passwords. getting someone to help me reset the shit is proving impossible. oh, how i love my 46'' television, and oh, how i am getting ready to use a large chunk of my cash-on-hand to pay it off.

since i am locked out of the online system, i'll have no choice but to pay it over the phone if i don't want a late fee. however, i will be forced to pay a $15.00 charge for using the telephone system to make this payment. in the words of amy poehler and seth meyers, "really?!" Really? Oh my God, really?! Seriously?! Banks just got seven trillion million dollars from the government to stay afloat and i have to give them 15.00 more to pay a bill? really?

i am not usually one to bitch and moan about bank policies. ultimately, i know it was my own fault that i did not make payment arrangements in time, but i just can't resist this rant.


However, since this is my first blog entry i would like to cease my complaining and say, to anyone who so choses to read my ramblings, thank you.

I hope to one day become a "real live writer" and by that I mean, one who writes words which are published and printed and bound and are on best-seller lists. I am working on freelancing for a few different publications and considering the MFA at Spalding. Wish me luck! I am so excited to follow my dreams.


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