facebook recap of IU vs. IUPUI - it's basketball season, y'all!

I first wrote this on facebook, but here it is again, filed in a spot in my heart and now, here...

By Amberv Murphy
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Did anyone else attend Tuesday night's barn burner against IUPUI, or "ewwy-pooewy" as my hubby, a Louisville fan, called them? I was lucky enough to sit in the North Lodge (a la "stand up, old people") during the second half and the energy in the crowd was ELECTRIC. I was pinching myself to score such great tickets at a great price. Ten rows from the floor, I sported my 87' champs t-shirt, which I've worn since my dad gave it to me in the 80's, so it's threadbare but perfect.
I'm die hard, bleeding crimson and cream, and never daunted, though I had to move away from Bedford, Indiana to Louisville as a child. I never wavered from my Hoosier loyalty. Through it all, we are tried and true. It doesn't matter how young or inexperienced we are this year, or what sanctions are imposed on us for our blissful yet straight retarded decision to hire Sampson. Although we loved and embraced the Kel-vin Samp-son, I think it feels even better to be where we are now: clean up is never fun, but we are getting back to an integrity we always had under the General, though it was an integrity the media and other Bobby haters couldn't understand.
I wonder if, somewhere in Alabama, Mike Davis is laughing or shaking his head at the state of the union that is Indiana University Athletics. I hope he is. We didn't know how good we had it with Davis. We should have never forced him out of the big shoes he was filling. We should have never hired Sampson. We should have never let EJ hog the ball. Who could blame the Illini for hating us? We are reaping what Kelvin and Greenspan and Senderoff were sowing.
I'd rather win 10 (or more) games doing it the Crean way. Low expectations are nice, and the fact that it may all be for naught in March doesn't seem to phase these kids.
If you were at the game Tuesday night, and heard someone shouting "Daniel Moore, you're awesome!" right before he took those last two big free throws, that was me. I wanted to give the kid a well-earned shout out. He's my new favorite player - my new Eric Suhr. I love the scrappers, the kids who hustle and can't believe they are playing at the storied place that IS Assembly Hall.
I have low hopes for Maui, because it's always hard to play down/over there. Maybe we'll beat Notre Dame. I'd rather we beat Kentucky in December, and it looks like we have a shot.
2-0 under Crean. Supporting fans at the homestead. There is nothing like IU bball, and nothing better for me in life than being there, hearing the noise and firing up the crowd. Ahh, the glory of old IU!!!


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