random notes and Lisa Lampanelli

Last night my husband and I went to Fourth Street Live! to see Lisa Lampanelli at the new Wet Willie's comedy club. It's expensive but really nice. I think we spent around $200.00 for the night -- ridiculous, but whatever.

Lisa Lampanelli, if you don't know, does the Comedy Central Roasts of people like Will Shatner and Flava Flav. She also roasted Gene Simmons and does other stand up and other stuff with Howard Stern. She's filming for HBO right now.

She is SO crude and funny. I freaking love her. I wanted to sit up front since there were plenty of open seats, but my hubby wasn't excited about having the broad be mean to him... and we ran into a former coworker who insisted we sit in his section, which was in the middle of the club, so she didn't pick on us at all. Boo.

When the show ended I was first out of my seat and in line to get her autograph and to have my picture taken with her. Yay! She said she liked my purple dress and thanked me for spreading the word. She was super nice and genuine. I was a little star struck, but we talked for a few minutes since everyone else was still inside settling up their tabs.

I love Lisa! Must run as my husband is now very ready to go visit friends for cookout and poker. I'm going with him and he just told me I am not allowed to talk politics tonight. Yeah, we'll see.


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