wise friends

Friends like these are the best in life: they are the ones you can't help but quote, yet you respect them enough to not reveal their identity. You try to keep all their secrets, but sometimes forget when you say you'll take things to the grave for them. You love them dearly, so dearly, sooo dearly. You are inspired by them; you laugh at them and with them.

My friend said this:

I'm down because I'm getting old. Yes, old. I'm getting grayer, fatter, wrinklier, blinder, deafer and achier. Yes, I know those aren't real words, but this aging process should not be real either! I can't even do cardio because of a pinched nerve in my foot, so, I starve myself just to maintain. I recently discovered the illusive hangover. I never knew it could take an entire day to recover from drinking - not drunk, just DRINKING. And who knew that driving at night would become such a chore? I know that I would be better off with my glasses (which I lost in NY last month), but finding the time to get replacements is tres difficult! I'll feel better once I start fixing myself, but today I will remain bitter.


John said…
Very interesting quote. It sort of has a "pseudo-Solomon" feel from Ecclesiastes...
mjporter said…
Wow. Who knew that guys was worth quoting? Your cry for blog attention was heard! :)

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