Hmm. I typed the title of this blog and then looked at it and said out loud, "RE - solutions." Since lately I feel a lack of resolve for anything other than my own personal pity party, I think I'll look at January 1st a bit differently this year.

I won't have any New Year's Resolutions. I will just try to think of new solutions for my past problems - I'll re-solute.

For instance, I'll start with my mp3 player. It's been driving me nuts. My computer died and I bought a lap-top. I tried to re-install and re-subscribe to Rhapsody, as my account with them had expired. That worked fine; I've logged in and listened to songs and they've certainly debited my bank account every month, but... I can only listen to songs while I'm sitting at my lap top. When I try to listen to songs using my little, cheap, piece-of-shit device, this error message comes up that says I need to "synchronize my device."

I don't know how to do this; thus, I haven't solved this problem. However, effective tomorrow, I am going to call customer service and find out how to do whatever needs to be done.

I will re-solve this problem.

Then, I will re-solve elsewhere. Be on the lookout. I'm an '09 problem solver getting ready to take care of business.

Happy New Year. Don't fear. Hold loved ones dear. Drink more beer, but spread more cheer. Try not to sneer.... or leer. No tears.


goooooood girl said…
your blog is feel good......

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