another manic monday

For the record, I spent the better part of the weekend curled up on the couch watching football. It's my first year participating in fantasy football, and I am getting my ass thoroughly whooped by my week one opponent. Well played, hate it or love it(whose real name is Lui Muniz), well played.

So, my weekend was anything but manic, and my monday hasn't really been much more exciting, except for top secret work-news that I'm probably not allowed to share, and it's news that I shouldn't refer to as exciting, so stratch that.

Today, I have a case of the Mondays. Here's a laundry list of the things that are bugging the shit out of agravating me:

I wanted to live-blog something or other last week and my husband was playing some fantasy-shoot-em-up game (okay, fine, I know the name of it. It's World of Warcraft, and I am embarrased and ashamed. But, I typically don't mind him playing this game, because it means I can watch whatever I want on tv) and I couldn't . I couldn't live-blog, that is, to remind you, since the thought in parenthesis was lengthy. What's bugging me is that we really can't afford a second laptop, and I WANT MY OWN!

*on with the laundry list*

We have two lawnmowers and both are broken. Our grass is outta control and our next door neighbors are trying to sell. They've already mowed our front yard once. I am pretty sure they are wishing us slow and painful deaths.

We need replacement gutters, badly. (Reason number two our neighbors most likely wish us bodily harm.) My husband keeps promising he'll buy a ladder and nail back in the gutter that is slightly (but obviously) pulling away from our roof. The gutter started pulling away from our house on June 10th. I remember the date because it was the day my nephew was born, and I came home from work in a huge hurry to change clothes and get to the hospital to be with my sister, and when I saw the gutter I muttered multiple expletives.

My husband and I both had to replace our vehicles within months of one another. We went from having no car payments to having two car payments, rendering our discrestionary budgets non-existant.

My wisdom teeth are impacted and hurt like hell, but I'm too chicken to get them cut out. Well, too chicken and too lazy and too broke. Okay, this would be well worth financing or using the savings account to pay for, so I can't play the money card here.

I've had a slightly rational fear for awhile now that I might get a blood clot (I'm a smoker, and I am on the pill) and this fear has now turned to sheer terror because there was an infomercial last night about how "if you or a loved one has suffered a blood clot while taking Yaz, Yasmin or Ocella, YOU may be entitled to a settlement!") That's the pill I take. NOT awesome!

I forgot to reorder my pills, which must be mailed in three month supply, and just realized I'm out. Shit. Blood clot almost sounds better than baby I must use an alternate form of contraception for the next couple months.

I will miss the Louisville/ Kentucky football game on Saturday because I'll be on the way to Bloomington to visit my grandma, and I feel guilty for being pissed that I am going to miss the game, because she is recovering from a recent hernia surgery.

I just got smoke in my eye.

Kanye West. Yes, Kanye is annoying the shit out of everyone, so he makes my list, too.

My husband wants the laptop... wow... for w.o.w.

*end of laundry list*


Travener said…
That's a hell of a Monday. Enjoyed reading about your subterfuge regarding Forrest Gump.
Organic Meatbag said…
I kicked ass in the first week of FF this year! 145 points! Woot!
Jm Diaz said…
Wow.. not of warcraft... just wow. That was a TRUE monday! Made me appreciate my little slice of crap day a little more, though I totally understand the lawnmower issue. Not only is mine dead, and my neighbors give me the evil eye at every chance I get to scurry though my driveway into my car, but I do wholeheartedly hate mowing! *phew*.. forgive the long sentence, and thanks!
Pleasure to meet you, btw...

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