Digital Invisible Ink ala Soul Pancake

Following celebrities on twitter has proved worthwhile. Rainn Wilson led me to Soul Pancake, a website which encourages readers to particpate in a "spiritual and artistic jouney."

Here's a recent prompt, effective at baring your true colors and shedding off writer's block:

Let’s type blind to find out what the uncensored you really wants to say.
1. Choose a topic that’s important to you. If you have 'topic-block,' just pick a random word from the dictionary.
2. Open up your favorite text editor.
3. Change the font color to white, so you can’t see what you’re typing.
4. Set a timer for 5 minutes, and start typing blind.
5. Copy the results into the comments section. (P.S. Don't spell check. Don't re-read. Just copy and paste.)

Here's mine:

I randomly generated the word audacity, which I am certain I just mis typed. I typeveryquickly and I backspace a LOT. I am, therfore, not digging this assignment. I clearly would have backspaced to edit the following sentence to say "self given assignment" and would have backspaced yet again to put a hyphen between self and given. I can't wait to see how this turns out, grammatically speaking.

I digress. I will attempt to type more slowly henceforth, just so this tirade might be legible. Ledgible? I digressed again:

When I drive home from work, there is a spot at a busy interscetion where two lanes must merge into one. Without fail, people get into the left lane at the stoplight in an effort to cut-off those in teh right lane when the light changes. The people in the left lane know that their lane will end, but they just want to get in front of the right laners. Usually they are middle aged rich folk driving nicer cars than me. What really pisses me off about this situation is that 90% of these assholes mmake a left turn at the next light, headed off to therir fancy neighborhoods. I an a right-laner and I have been known to flick a cigarette or two in the direction of the left-laners as I pass them, since they are now stuck in left turn lanes.

The best part is that my office window overlooks this intersection. I spend all day listening to horn honkers and shake my head at the all to frequent fender benders. It increases my road rage by 400%.

Last night on my way home, I sat in the right lane at saidintersection. To my left, there sat a little convertible. I know not the make or model, but the license plate read T-RACER. "oh, hell NO," I thought. This guy is not cutting me off to slide in front me. The light turned green, and off we went, me, riding the tail of the rightlaner in front of me. T-RACER was ready. He pulled up along side me as the lane ended and tried to slide in. It all happened so fast, there was the oncoming traffic and he had no where to go. Ibacked off -- had no choice but to tap my brakes and let him in. My middle finger let him know of my displeasure. The audicity! He didn't turn lefft at the next light. I followed him a couple of miles. He went 65 mph in a 45 mph zone. I stayed right on his entitled little tail. 

If I see T-RACERs car parked at Target or something, I will totally key it.


FictionGroupie said…
You have a gift over at my blog, stop by when you get a chance to pick it up. Award
saucyminx410 said…
Ugh something similar happened to me yesterday! I was in the right lane and driving super close to me to the left was a beat up pick up truck - maybe a car length behind me to the left. Well up ahead in my lane was a merge left arrow and a couple car lenghts ahead was a slow moving little car. Well I put my signal on to merge left and the pick up sped up! I started to get over and the floored it forcing me to actually come to a stop to avoid smashing into the merge sign. Turns out it was a bunch of scroungy teenagers on their way to school and they actually had the AUDACITY to flip me off! Grrr!

Good writer's block idea - I may it myself!
Aimee said…
Sure you can follow my blog. Always great to "meet" fellow Hoosiers and writers. :)
Jm Diaz said…
Why the hell do you have me looking up Soul Pancake now? Geez... brb.
ok. Thats looks pretty cool. However, the exercise is a nigh for me. I can't type even when i can SEE the letters on the screen. If I had to it blindfolded, it wold look like a chicken just stomped and shat all over the screen. Not kidding. The fact you were able to tell not just a coherent, but good story that way already shows how much cooler than me you are.

And following famous people finally payed off? I'm so not touching that one... just because I don't want to Laugh too loudly. :)

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