seussical, my muse-ical

I feel a kinship with people who share my early March arrival.

I have the same birthday as Dr. Seuss and Jon Bon Jovi. I celebrate the latter via karaoke, but realized today that I haven't fed my Seussaddiction in years. Visiting my four year old niece makes my heart happy. She is the most imaginative, creative, special, intelligent... yes, I am completely biased, so I'll stop. But, seriously, she is awesome.

It's a real treat when Carley lets me read to her. Usually, she wants to sit in front on me, indian style (or criss-cross, applesauce, as she calls it) and read aloud to me, holding up the book and licking her finger before turning each page, like her preschool teacher, my sister explained. (Note, she doesn't actually read yet. She makes up a story based on the pictures in the book. I'm one hundred percent in love with this. I think she's going to grow up to be a writer!)

We sat down to read And to Think That I Saw it All on Mulberry Street. I actually wasn't familiar with this Seuss story, his first children's book, which was rejected by 25-30 publishers. (Take heart, writer-friends!) This treat of a tale follows a boy named Marco, who observes people and vehicles traveling along Mulberry Street. Marco dreams up an elaborate story to tell to his father at the end of his walk, but decides instead to simply tell him what he actually saw.

The book is said to be a commetary on the way adults stifle the imagination of children.

I vow here and now to never stifle Carley, and to eat green eggs and ham for breakfast.


Jm Diaz said…
Green eggs and ham aside (I just bring my self to eat them) the Dr. is a fantastic read. I'm still wallowing in his books with my kids... and yeah, enjoy the reading. Its totally fun!

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