Staycation Comes to a Close

I wonder if it's against the rules to blog on Sunday. It seems that no one really does, or at least not with regularity. Where are you, blog world? You must be attending church or football games or spending time with your family or catching up on housework.

Where I am? Right here, at my laptop, surfing the internet, writing, popping my head up over the screen to catch a minute or two of the 1:00 football games.

Per usual, I am avoiding the housework like the plague. Really need to start laundry, though, and complete it before my girl's dinner tonight at the Tequila Factory. We're celebrating the birthday of one of my teacher friends, who swears the evening will be tame, as she has to be present at middle school math classes in the morning.

It is my last day of my staycation, and the thought of heading into work tomorrow has my proverbial panties in a bunch... especially when there is Tequila in my near future. Nothing says "I'm ready to get back to work" like showing up at the bank reeking of lime and and salt.  


Jm Diaz said…
Not at church, but you already knew that by my posts... and definitely not watching football. I guess, I'm just procrastasundaying (that's a word, right?)

You should definitely get tequila shitfaced.. and just tell your boss that you were SO happy to return to work, you just HAD to celebrate!
Travener said…
I just finished posting on my blog, so if there's a rule against it, we're both in trouble.

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