WTF Wednesday

I had a goal to blog every day this week. My quest was almost thwarted by my husband's addiction to online gaming. Grr, I'm irritated again, as much as I was on Monday.

I did, however, get to watch whatever I wanted on t.v. This leads me to the following list of items that all beg the question: WTF?

I DVR-ed The Vampire Diaries last week, and just got around to watching it tonight. I'm a little bit disturbed by it and a little bit in love with it. WTF? I was hesitant to begin the Twilight saga, to be one of thoooose, but after picking up the first book I was, of course, hooked. Yes, I've admitted it now, and it's a weight of my chest. Whew.

I caught a minute of Jay Leno's new 10:00 slot, and he did this little bit about "back to school" tools. After stating that books on tape are out -- oh, and that books on paper are, too -- he pulled out a twitter book idea. Classics are condensed to fit the 140 character limit. Hardy-har. However, his example was as follows:

Hamlet - Guy hooks up with ultimate MILF and realizes that it's his own mom. (...paraphrased, unless I happened to remember it correctly word for word...)

WTF? That isn't Hamlet, it's Oedipus.

I was in the middle of watching America's Next Top Short Model and the CW pooped out. I'm sure Insight is to blame, but I wanted my Nigel Barker fix, and perhaps a Tyra-tirade. Did I get it? Nope. WTF? "This channel will be available shortly..." Shortly my ass!

I channel surfed my way to a new episode of Toddlers and Tiaras and almost threw up in my mouth a little bit. This one fugly mom promised her daughter a new video gaming system if she won the top prize of $500.00 in the beauty paegant and then admitted that she only promised her this new toy because she knew that her little daughter wouldn't win. Disgusting! WTF?

Josh Groban cameod on Glee and he didn't sing. WTF?

I finally caught the VMA's at a convenient time for my DVR and fast forwarded solely to watch Lady Gaga's avant-garde-wannabe performance. WTF? It was bloody and painful to watch and stupid. Pink's performance was, however, phenom! FY -- which henceforth stands for fuck, yeah.

Kevin Skinner, the (unemployed) chicken catcher from Kentucky won America's Got Talent, and I have to give this a big FY. I have several friends from Mayfield, KY and feel like I almost know him. Yes, the town is that small!

It's almost midnight, so I must publish this entry, so that I can come in under deadline. It's 11:59 p.m.

p.s. I blogged today, even though I just posted it and it says 12:00 a.m. It totally counts as Wednesday, because it isn't the next day if you haven't been to bed yet. The only exception to that rule is New Years.


Jm Diaz said…
WTF indeed!

Thanks for the laugh though.. I've been needing it. I really like your blog! :)
Travener said…
You're "irrigated" again? Hmm. Where I come from, that means... Never mind.
I need a copy editor for my blog. Typo corrected!

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