finding a focus

I've stumbled across quite a few blog entries in the past couple of days that speak of one's blog needing a focus. It has caused me to stop and wonder: is my blog too broad? I would love some feedback from my followers. Do you find me completely random? Do you think I have a voice? What would you like me to blog about?

In the interim, I shall entertain you with a random (of course, random!) moment from my weekend. While hanging out at a local pub called Flanagnan's on Saturday night, I went outside on the patio to smoke a cigarette, leaving my non-smoker friend inside the bar.  A man used the following line on me after striking up a conversation by dubbing me "lonely cigarette girl."

He said, "You're homely hot."
I said, "Pardon?"
He tried to defend his come-on. "You know, you're that type of girl who can just throw on a sweater, some jeans, and a cute pair of shoes, and still look smokin' hot."
His friend said, "Dude, I don't think you're going to get anywhere by comparing her to Laura Ingalls Wilder."

Wow. Is there are blog devoted to horrible pick-up lines? This one belongs there. I mean, the guy had super cute dimples but a less cute grasp of flattering adjectives... but I am an old married lady. I guess I have to take whatever flattery I can get.


dark wings said…
Thumbs up to your blog :P
saucyminx410 said…
I don't think you are too random - but I understand what you mean. Sometimes I feel like mine is too much of a hogdgepodge too. I enjoy your writing very much you definitely have a voice and its refreshing to see something different everyday!
I like your blog the way it is. If you were an agent saying "this is a blog about the work I do" and then it had lots of life stories, I would probably be singing a different tune.

On the subject of bad pickup lines, my husband once called he his "sweet little manatee." He was under the impression that a manatee was a small, enthusiastic bird. Luckily for me, I happened to have a copy of Naked Came the Manatee within arms reach, and I was able to quickly point out why I was not so pleased by this. He was appropriately horrified. Hilarity ensued.
Meg said…
I just came across your blog and I just have to say its your blog write what you want! I've read a few of your post and I like your blog.

Although my blog is pretty random, too. So I don't know if you should take my advice. Hah.
Wow, that is a terrible pick up line. I was one of those who posted about purposing blogs. However, like I said, at the end of the day, it's your blog to use as you please. I've enjoyed your posts. :)
Will said…
Let your blog be an extension of who you are. If you are a multi-faceted person, like good writers usually are, then let your blog reflect that.
Lizz said…
One I love Flannagan's and two I believe that if you have mant thoughts in your head at once just throw them out. it helps alot :)
Tina Lynn said…
Write what comes to you. That's the surest way to always have something to write.
thanks for all the feedback, folks. you've made my evening all the sweeter!
Kentucky Blonde said…
it's your blog. if you wanted to just write one word 982,734,982,374,982,374 times and nothing more, it would be okay. it's your blog and you can make it however random you want. RIGHT? that's what i do. my blog is totes randy and i loves it.
Maybe you don't need a voice, maybe you just need to come up with a stupid theme for every Friday, like taking a dead language and translating it into everyday utility.
Organic Meatbag said…
When I was single, I was just happy when a girl didn't say I look like a corpse from an alien autopsy...
Anonymous said…
It absolutely not agree with the previous message

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