Tonight, someone I know is going to appear on Jeopardy! His name is Justin Gilbert, and he is the owner of Gelato Gilberto, a yummy shop near where I live in Louisville. It's situated in this little Truman-show type neighborhood called Norton Commons. Seriously. Click on the link for a little preview of Wisteria Lane-ish living. Some people I know are creeped out by it.

Anyway. That's Justin, on the left. His wife Kristen is on the right. I hope that they don't mind that I used their picture in my blog, but I figure that any press is good press, right? Plus, I got the picture from google images, which makes it fair game, does it not? Apparently it is a facebook photo. This made me realize I should probably google image (search) myself, and it was quite cool to see my pictures out there in cyberspace. Go ahead. Google-image me. (Be sure to type in "Amber Tidd Murphy" in the search box for better results. I'll wait.)

So, tune in tonight to see someone I know try their hand at a Ken Jennings. My DVR is set! Yours should be, too. Why wouldn't you be excited to watch someone I know compete on a game show? I certainly haven't been this excited since a girl I knew from high school appeared on VH1's The World Series of Pop Culture, even though she totally didn't know that the lyric "I resolve to call you up/ 1000 times a day/ and ask you if you'll marry me/ in some old fashioned way" was from the song Every Little Thing She Does is Magic by the Police, and I was forced to throw things at my television because of her lack of musical knowledge.


Wendy Sparrow said…
How could someone not recognize those lyrics? The melody started in my head around the fourth word. You were right to throw things at the tv.
carissajaded said…
Oh I'm the same way when people I know are on tv. My cousin dated this guy who was on the guiding light and I became obsessed with that show!
Meg said…
I just googled imaged myself. There was only one photo of me and it was on the 2nd page. It is my default facebook photo.
pinkflipflops said…
I actually hate finding my self on google and do anything to avoid popping up in a search of my name.
Tina Lynn said…
I lost on Jeopardy, baby! Ooooh...

Sorry, you do song lyrics all the time. I just couldn't resist:D
I liked him. Up until he didn't know who Io was. And then I dismissed him.

Douchey, I know.
I just love your blog! Thanks for sharing.
mjenks, I didn't know lo either. my guess was Ra, but my hubs said that Ra couldn't be more wrong - the only thing remotely right was the number of letters in the name.

This blog entry would have been way cooler if he'd won, but such is life.
saucyminx410 said…
I saw him on there last night! I remember thinking what a jolly job that must be to own a gellato shop! How fun!

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