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"blank stares at... blank pages... no easy way to say this..."

I'm feeling all Sara Bareilles today.

Actually, I am settling in to write, as the hubster is out of the house for the evening and I am left to my own quiet and focused devices. This entry will serve as a little warm-up exercise.

My copy of Rolling Stone came in the mail a couple of days ago, and I spent a bit of time tonight on the toilet couch reading a few of the articles. This issue's bookshelf column featured a conversation with Nick Hornby. Jonathan Ringen wrapped it up by asking Hornby if he had any advice for "would-be novelists."

Here is Hornby's reply:

Anyone who says they're writing for themselves is full of shit. That's something that you hear writer's say a lot. I always wonder why their drafts happen to be 90,000 words long, because that's a really strange, random length for a book, but it happens to be the length of most books. You know what I mean? The act of writing a novel already knows and demands a readership. To forget about your readers is a mistake.

Well, that's my food for thought. As I inch further into my novel attempt, it is with a readership in mind, not just a selfish need to move a story from the depths of my insides, to categorize and box pain into chapters or supporting characters, nor to carve a wordy path to forgiveness. It isn't just for me. It's for you and you and you.


Tina Lynn said…
What? He saw right through me! That just sucks.

You have an award over on my blog:)
An author who visited my middle school once told me that if you call yourself an "author" you won't make it in the industry; but if you call yourself a "writer" you have a damn good chance.

Jm Diaz said…
Aww, shucks.. thanks. I love it when you do story for me... you did mean, me, right?

I guess I'm okay.. I never thought of writing for myself.. I mean, why would I? I already know the ending.

Good luck on your WIP dear.. progress will be made. And thanks for the comment on my most recent post ;)
TL: Me, too. He saw right through me as well. I have been thinking more about my audience and what I want to tell them instead of just unburdening my soul...

AWMOD: I liked that thought from the author who visited your school.

JM: Yes, it's ALL for you. Clearly.

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