now you will know eleven more things about me than you did before you clicked here...

     I am still trying to find my place as a blogger. Since I am a bit of an attention whore, your comments - yes, yours, my loyal followers - are duly noted and filed in the happy part of my brain. I have gathered that a good many of you thirty peeps find me mildly amusing and that I often cause you to ROTFL or at least LOL a little. It's like you have a snap cup, and you're pulling out a tiny folded post-it note, clicking your thumb and middle finger together, and saying out loud, "Amber is funny! Snaps for Amber!"

     Well. It is a pleasure to entertain, and I thought that perhaps it was time for one of those entries where you get to know a little bit more about me. Completely unprovoked and not at all asked for, I will now brighten your day or night, depending on your time zone (or need to obsessively log in to your reader) with a few fun facts about ME. However, per yesterday's entry, I am writing it for your benefit.

1. I have never been in an airplane. I am terrified to fly. I guess this is somwhat limiting in the area of "writing what you know." Sigh. One day, I'll fly away. (leave all this to yesterday)

2. I attended three colleges in four years, and still graduated on time, summa cum laude. Buh-ya. It was just a BA in English, though, and they practically give those away, right?

3. I am not a particularly picky eater, but I won't drink milk, and prefer not to eat beets or cottage cheese or pudding or yogurt.

3. Really, I don't like eating with a spoon. I am not a big soup eater. I really only want to use a spoon for food choices that are completely liquid, like a brothy soup. If there's a solidity about it, get me a fork.

4. I have a tattoo on my right ankle. It's a butterfly. It had it's ten year birthday this year. It does not yet, as my dad insisted it someday would, look like a droopy moth.

4. I am a grammar junkie, but only when it comes to writing. In conversation, you'll catch me ending sentences with prepositions on the regular. (Well, I also just did it in that sentence, but being aware of it counts, if yaknowhatimsayin'.)

5. I don't like wearing jewelry. I know that diamonds are a girls best friend, but I seriously never wear anything except my wedding ring. The last time I wore a necklace was months ago - on my one year wedding aniversary, because it was the gift my husband bought for me. (When will he learn? I would have rather had the hundred dollars in the bank account!)

6. I gained and lost around 70 pounds after high school. Losing the weight is probably my proudest accomplishment, except I did it in a drunken-pukey-not-eating way. (For the record, I don't condone that tactic, and it wasn't a tactic, it was just what happened.)

7. I don't remember the last movie I saw in a theater. I used to work in a movie theater, and paying for a ticket really hurts my feelings. I was spoiled for so, so long.

8. I know every word to the Saved By The Bell graduation song. I prefer to sing the alto part.

9. Famous people I've met: Kirk Cameron's wife, Jerry Bruckheimer, all of Aerosmith, the Tom Cruise extended family - all while working at the aforementioned movie theater. Since then I've met (and interviwed!) singer Dar Williams, served dinner to famed University of Louisville basketball coach Denny Crum, and had a nice little chat with Lisa Lampanelli after seeing her do stand up.

10. On a related note, I wrote to Tiffani-Amber Thiessen for a sixth grade assignment about how one man's trash is another man's treasure, and she sent me back a hand-written note along with her gum wrapper. Yeah, I still have it.

11. I have no idea why I linked two Moulin Rouge songs to this entry. I do enjoy it, but it isn't my favorite movie. My favorite movie is The Bridges of Madison County. I sob everytime I watch it, and I've seen it at least ten times. I love that it still gets me. I could have a good cry just thinking about it.


saucyminx410 said…
Never a dull moment over here girl! Your blog pretty much always gets an lol from me!
Tina Lynn said…
1. I practically grew up in an airplane. I was sent to Kansas to be with my Grandma every summer until I was 13.

2. I attended 4 colleges in six years and only ended up with in Associate's in Science. I did graduate with a 4.0, hold down a full-time job, and birthed my third child during that time, too, so I forgive myself.

3. I'm not picky either. I just hate diet food:D

3. I prefer to eat with my hands. Just kidding. Not really. How do you eat cereal?

4. No tattoos. At least, not yet?

4. I am the official "proofer" at work. Nothing goes out that hasn't been run by me first. It gets on my nerves sometimes. Especially, when I know how many BAD, BAD things I do in my own work.

5. I don't like wearing jewelry either. I'm actually one up on you in that department. I don't even wear my wedding ring.

6. I've gained about 60 pounds since the birth of my first...and I think I'm still gaining:(

7. I try to make it to the theater as often as possible. I'm a movie junkie.

8. I know every word to the Sailor Moon theme song. Okay, not really. My daughter does, but I feel like I know it because she is always singing it. Yes, it's in Japanese.

9. I don't think I've met any famous people. Wait...I met Christian Serratos and Justin Chon from Twilight, but that's it. Almost met, Stephenie Meyer. Had dinner with Aprilynne Pike. Love her!

10. I wrote to Wil Wheaton once and received a glossy picture and a form letter.

11. My favorite movie is Serenity. Best. Movie. Ever.

Now that I've bored you for ten minutes, I will leave you alone now.
Travener said…
On ending sentence with prepositions -- it's OK, you know. Just think of this anecdote. Guy is walking around Harvard yard looking for the Widener Library. Stops a student, asks, "'Scuse me, can you tell me where the Widener Library is at?" The student rolls his eyes, says condescendingly, "I can see you are not a Harvard student, because a Harvard man would never end a sentence with a preposition." The other guy nods, says, "Yes, of course, you're right. Let me rephrase. Can you tell me where the Widener Library is at, asshole?"
That's hilarious about Tiffani Amber Thiessen!! She sent you her gum wrapper?!? Hahaha!
Loved your list! Very cute! :)
Tina Lynn said…
Travener ~ That's awesome:D
Will said…
Now I know eleven things about someone I don't know. We share two of them in the form of "no flying" and "no spoons". I have spoons for cereal, soup, and jello.
Thanks for the love, saucy, a little pink, and Will!

Tina Lynn, two things. Did you see Wil Wheaton on Monday's epidose of The Big Bang Theory? Bazinga! Also, I eat cereal 1) not very often 2) with a spoon, but with only the slightest amount of milk. My hubster slurps any leftover milk in the bottom of the bowl, while I look away, sometimes gagging.

Trav - you are just so witty. I love your anecdotes. :)
It was kind of funny when you were listing the people you have met, because it looked like you were saying that Jerry Bruckheimer was Kirk Cameron's wife.

Also...does the bridge own Madison County?
M jenks, I feel like I have been spanked. I told you they hand out those English degrees to just about anybody.

The bridge does not own Madison County and I am terribly ashamed that my apostrophe indicated otherwise. Clicking edit post now... well, after this loan closing. I'm at my banker job, and the numbers are frying my brain.
Organic Meatbag said…
You are amusing, Amber Murphy... I declare that...hope you don't mind my declaration...and by the way, I have your spoon spat resolution...a happy, pointy little fellow called the spork...
Sandra said…
Yes! Milk is disgusting! Vile! Evil! (Notice how vile and evil have the same letters? coincidence? I think not!)

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