...reunited and it feels so good...

Tomorrow is my ten year high school reunion. I have mixed feelings about celebrating this completed decade of adulthood. My senior year was one of the greatest years of my life. No, I didn't party like it was 1999 (even though it was, in fact, 1999) but I did meet this intelectual, wonderful, thought-provoking, heart-piercing boy... and promptly made him my boyfriend. He was the slightest bit younger than me, so he is not a member of my graduating class. Sadly, thankfully, there is no need to obsess about running into said ex at the reunion.

As implied above, he isn't the man I ended up marrying. Le sigh. There is something to be said for first loves, whether it's "What was his name again?" or "My heart still skips around four beats when I think of him/ look at old pictures of us together/ stalk his facebook page." When I think back to high school, I will always think of him. I feel a little bit sad about the reunion. Wow. Ten years later and I am still heartbroken about the path I chose to walk down -- without him.


Moving on.

As I reunite with the class of '99 tomorrow, I will remember that I'm probably not the only one who isn't where she thought she'd be and I will try to find peace with being exactly where I am.


Organic Meatbag said…
I am thankful that facebook has spared me the pain of ever having to go to a high school class reunion...
Travener said…
Ten years is nothing. Wait till you're as old as I am and then see how you feel when you think about high school. (Answer: old.)
Jm Diaz said…
Ten years.. wow. Well, i skipped my reunion.. so I hope you have fun. And just remember, everybody is going to be trying their damn hardest to seem impressive... so go ahead and exaggerate. Flat out lie, if you want. Just for the hell of it. No matter what, have a blast.
Holy shit do I feel your pain on this or what. My ex won't be at my reunion either (one year younger), however, is one of my closest friends and I see a lot of him when I visit home. And I get a sad, sick feeling in my stomach about it too. FML and those first loves. It sucks.
First love was Rebecca Ann Taylor. And, this was, you know, thoughts of kids and grandkids and happily ever after type.

First school crush was Renee Rosalita Manriquez.

Fortunately, Rebecca was two years my junior and went to a different high school. Oh, and I didn't bother going to the ten-year reunion. My son was being born. I felt this was slightly more important than reconnecting with people I couldn't stand.

And, yes, Rebecca made my heart skip four beats. And she caused me to staple my fingers together.
My ten year reunion is next year... doesn't seem like ten year at all. Hope you enjoyed yours!
Enjoy your reunion! Mine was two years ago but I had to miss it because I was WAY pregnant and couldn't fly on a plane at that point.
What a great way to look at it! You are probably not exactly where you thought you would be, but honestly, probably 95 percent of them aren't where they thought they would be either! I am stoppinv over today from Stacy's respite.

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