when i feel sad i look at these: part one (pre-ceremony, mostly)

My niece, Carley, is an angel.

the dress.

I wish I could afford her every single day.

My toenails match my shoes.

loving the way i look...

Pre-ceremony fuel, with a straw, so not to muss my lipstick...

My pimp daddy. (That came out wrong. I meant, my dad looking pimp.)

'bout to get married on a rooftop overlooking the Ohio River...

My dad made the arch... how bad ass is that?

I mean, seriously... my dad is the ultimate craftsman.

I couldn't resist posting a photo of the bride and groom.

Mr. and Mrs. Amber Leigh Tidd Murphy

We look cooler than shit, son.

Since it's almost Halloween now, I give you: ghost bride.

I guess I should credit my photographer, Jackie Johnson, @ http://www.jaclynjohnsonphotography.com/ even thought she was a heinous bitch whore on my big day. 


Lizz said…
Dude, your dad is looking Pimp! Love it. They are beautiful pictures in a beautiful city!
Tina Lynn said…
Looking at these, you have no need to feel sad...ever!
Shandal said…
LOVE your purple shoes! Beautiful bride, location, and pics!
Travener said…
Very nice. Nice arch, too!
I love these pictures!
What a BEAUTIFUL bride! :) :)
Sandra said…
your photos are gorgeous! YOU are gorgeous! That arch is pretty bad ass and your niece is simply adorable. I just love wedding photos. They bring a tear to my eye haha
carissajaded said…
Beautiful! and that is why you should feel happy11
Sooo gorgeous pics!!. I love them!
Happy Halloween!
Elizabeth said…
Your purple shoes are ace. Usually brides go with red if they do something different. First pair of purple I've seen.
Meg said…
That is a beautiful arch! What did you guys do with it after the ceremony was over?
Tia said…
purple shoes and bud light, I LOVE IT!!!
Thanks to everyone for the compliments. I am a little bit in love with my wedding day. I think I'll be posting more pictures on Friday, so stay tuned!

Meg, you were asking what we did with the arch - it's now in our back yard near our rose bush!
The Daily Rant said…
I love these photos. But what I love even MORE? That you wore purple shoes!!! They are gorgeous. (They are purple, right? That's the color they look on my screen anyway...)

Gorgeous shoe. Gorgeous color. And I love the pic of you jumping out of them. Fantastic idea.

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