the winters of my discontent

I am aware that it is still autumn, but here in Louisville, Kentucky it feels more like winter than fall. The temperature hovered in the mid forties all of last week, and not a day was crisp or clean. The sky has been dull grey and misting rain at me.

I understand that I really have no right to complain, as many states are already seeing snow, frost, ice, and the like. Should we blame El Nino for their noreaster? I have no idea, but Good Morning America just said something about it.

Winter does not agree with me; cold does not agree with me. While there are certain things I love about the fall, like pretty red and yellow tree leaves swirling around in the air, I just can't bear knowing that winter is around the corner, like in-laws planning to visit and stay too long.

For me, winter is the ultimate dark night of the soul... I feel so cold I can't get my tootsies warm or my frozen brain to function (not great for the progess on my wip) and my heart just breaks a little as we inch toward snow tires, salted roads, school closings. I scowl at the hayrides, haunted houses and pumpkin patches. They are just a premble for what is to come. Halloween freaks me out -- this is a new thing -- and the reason will remain a mystery to you, my readers. At least for now.

What about you? When it's time, do you take joy in donning mittens and woolen coats, trudging in the snow in your boots? Do you love curling up and drinking cocoa by the fire while you watch a world of white from your window? Are the grey days and the cold wind a mere inconvenience or afterthought?

Don't fret for me, or call forth the seasonal depression doctors. I'll be fine by Thanksgiving, when I'll fall into a turkey coma and hibernate until it's time to wrap the Christmas presents. I'll make a reappearance for the yule tide, and then head back into my den until February is behind me, and winter turns on her heels and heads out of town, knowing that she will never best me, but promsing she'll be back to try again.


Lizz said…
I lived in Ohio nearly all of my life and I hate winter and evil little s word. Snow is enjoyable if I do not have to go out in it and I can stay home sipping cocoa curled up under a heating blanket and watch its a wonderful life, other than that snow could go to hell and never return. Since that wont ever happen, I propose what I call the Hibernation Bill. I believed we should get a pay check from the government to fill our freezers and cabinets with food that would last us all winter, and go into hibernation mode.
Travener said…
Autumn out here in the great Pacific Northwest means rain...and more rain. At least it keeps the air clean. I generally like fall, though, because I like the whole Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas run. Because I grew up in Arizona, where snow was both rare and fleeting, and because lowland snow is fairly infrequent here, I still see snow as a gift of winter. If it doesn't stick around too long.

I do get sick of being cold after awhile, though, and rejoice when the days start lengthening again.

Hope your tootsies warm up -- have you tried fuzzy slippers?
Tina Lynn said…
I'm in Arizona. So, I'm good. Of course, I slept with the windows opened last night so I wouldn't have to turn on the air conditioner, but I think I'll live. We don't get fall colors and the leaves usually don't fall off the trees until sometime in December. It gets down into the 50's and I freeze! If I want snow, Flagstaff is only two hours away. I love Arizona!

Hang in there. If it gets too, bad you can come visit me:D
Lizz -- I will support your hibernation bill. Can we call it a blizzard bail-out?

Trav -- I hate socks and never wear slippers, not even fuzzy ones. I'm'a gonna have to start, though. :)

Tina Lynn -- You have no idea how much I want to visit Arizona! Maybe someday...
Lizz said…
I dont care what we call it, I just support and want it. :)
Personally...I love winter. It's just that, now that I've moved down here, I don't handle the changing of the seasons so well.

Now, I'm going to go put on my moose slippers and curl up under an afghan.

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