I did it! I wrote 1000 words today, give or take 139 words.

I also enlisted over at the new Writer's Digest Community, which I learned about from Lydia over at The Sharp Angle. In her post today, she wrote that "the site is being coined by some as the "facebook for writers."."

Um. Maybe they can teach me how to quote someone who has already quoted a quote.

You should check out the community (as well as Lydia's blog) and join the groups that suit your fancy. I joined The Writer's Edge as well as Fiction Writing.

And, I must say, I am quite proud that I got some writing completed before wondering about the website. Now, I am going to do just that! I hope it hasn't been a total snooze fest over here at musings of amber murphy this week. Please, keep coming back to my blog; I promise that my next post will include something that will make you pee your pants  (more professional blogging, amber, remember?!) witty.

In the meantime, answer me this: are you a part of any online writerly communities?


Regina Quentin said…
I'm not a part of any online writing communities but I've been researching some lately. I will go check this one out. Thanks for the link.
melane said…
No, I haven't joined any writing communities, but this sounds good. I'll have to check it out.
carissajaded said…
I haven't joined any yet either.. I'll have to check this out.. I have been interested!
Tina Lynn said…
I feel like my blog friends are a writing community.
Lizz said…
Hey if you want a blog to follow that deals with writing, jump on over to my blog and find Roni @ Fiction Groupie, she does about a blog a day on writing techniquies and cahracter development!
You ladies are all welcome for the link, but thanks should be directed to Lydia over at The Sharp Angle. i heart her! Check out her blog.

Tina Lynn: I agree, and with bloggy friends such as you, lady, I too feel like I am a part of a writing community. hugs!

lizz: I already follow Roni @ Fiction Groupie, and she rocks. But, I'll be stopping by your blog anyway! :)

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