Cruel Reality

Well, my first attempt at National November Writing Month was an utter FAIL... unless, of course, you consider it a success to write 25k in words when the goal is 50.

When you look at it that way, I only half failed.


(I'm pretty sure I'll only add spice onto words when being sarcastic, Jayme. I want to use it correctly, but I just can't. I hate to say it, but I think it's like fetch: it's just never going to happen. Sorry, Gretchen Weiners.)

Yes, it's Monday and I am moody. I feel like someone took a hacksaw to my sinus cavities last night while I was sleeping, and when they were finished with that torture, they went ahead and stuck a hot poker in my bronchial areas.

It's all grim and phlegm over here at musings of amber murphy today.

Still, I vow to accentuate the positive. Look out for LoDecWriMo, which stands for Local December Writing Month, and is my own little venture to write fifty thousand words in the same month as Christmas and New Years Eve.

The exciting news is, if I succeed, I'll pretty much have completed a novel draft by the end of 2009.

Then I won't have to make any goals at all for the New Year.



Shandal said…
Good luck with your December writing assignment. Sending some awesomespice and creativity your way! ;)
Jayme said…
i'll use awesomespice and lamespice and sadspice and everythingspice until i d.i.e.! i love it and it'll be the first word my granddaughter will sayspice! but whatevs, i'll still laugh when i see it. awesomespice. <3BBL4L
Tina Lynn said…
I didn't start so I wouldn't fail, but since I failed to start, that's kinda failing, too. Just one more turd to add to the steaming pile my day has become. Come cheer me up, Amberspice:)
I made headway on my piece of work, topping the 10,000 word mark the other night.

I just haven't made any announcements.

And, who knows? November isn't over yet! You can still crank out 25,000 words by midnight!
melane said…
At least you got 25,000 words in one month. It has taken all of October and November for me to get there. I'm right there with you with the cold - I have felt awful for three days now. Here's hoping to a more productive December:)
LiLu said…
Awesomespice = just added to the list of Things I Should Say More Often.
Travener said…
Awesome Spice -- was she the one between Scary and Ginger?
carissajade said…
You definitely did not fail. 25K is a big win!Don't be hard on yourself, and from what you have shared here, you are doing great! So just be happy that you're producing quality over quantity work.

But good luck in December!! You can do it!
Wendy Sparrow said…
I think 25K is a lot! I don't think you can call writing 25K in one month a fail--unless you usually write about that much. Your life is busy and you have one--so 25K is a success even if it's not a win.

My WV is loadarf. It's funny, though I don't know why. Say it. Loadarf. :) See! Funny! Plus, it sounds slightly crude.
Carol said…
Slackerspice... I hope you feel better and good job on 25k. The glass is half full!!
@ Shandal - thanks for the creativespice!

@ Jayme - you are oddspice.

@ Tina - I hope you liked my Monday joke!

@ mjenks - they say the first 10,000 words are the hardest... don't they?!

@ melane - though it took you two months to get the 25,000 words, I have a feeling they are put together thoughtfully. feel good about that!

@ Lilu - i heart when you stop by. use spice sparingly, just a dash or a pinch here and there.

@ Travener - lol. awesomespice is the ittle sister of Posh. clearly.

@ Carissa - thanks for the love. quality over quantity, here's hoping that i acheive both q's in december. i'm crossing my fingers for myself.

@ Wendy - ohh, loadarf! i like it. i think i am going to use it to describe the schmarmiest of my bank customers today.

@ Carol - the glass is half full of theraflu. wish i could take a sick day. :) thanks for the encouragement.
I can believe that about the first 10,000, because that's where those lines done in hexameter were crafted.

Fortunately, I'm no longer forced by any poetic constraints, so the next 80-90,0000 words should come easier, right?
One time I wrote a thousand words and almost died. I need to start smoking weed again.
Jerry C said…
I've given this a try several times... it wasn't the lack of words or dedication that got me... it was that I was writing stuff that was just not very interesting. I figured quantity does not make up for quality. So I go it myself now and am less frantic, more satisfied. I guess that mean I win this time.

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