My Memorable Facebook Statuses (Stati?) of 2009; or: YEAR IN REVIEW

January 20 at 7:44pm
Amber Leigh Tidd Murphy has a new president, and a new precedent.

February 1 at 8:26pm
is superbolwing

February 23 at 2:49pm
got a (tax) refund. I dig it!

March 2 at 10:37pm
is another year older and wiser.... thanks for all the birthday wishes!

June 26 at 9:28pm
I never update facebook anymore... but I felt the need to sign up for twitter?!

July 20 at 5:24pm
just did the grocery shopping for probably the first time since we've been married... I'd kind of forgotten how nice it is to choose ones own food. :)

August 31 at 8:24am ·
one year down, the rest to go. happy one year! anniversary, murph. i love you. ·

September 1 at 3:02pm
sometimes i secretly wish michael vick would kidnap my dog. is that bad?

September 6 at 4:02am
I think I am getting divorced.

September 6 at 2:10pm
Alcohol + facebook at 4:00 a.m. = bad idea.

September 11 at 7:54am
Where were you? I was home. I declined a substitute teaching job that day. I am so thankful I wasn't in a classroom of kids. I turned on my tv in time to see the second tower hit.

September 14 at 9:25pm
has a sudden hankering for listening to unchained melody and molding something from clay.

September 21 at 11:52am
is not resting on her laurels.

October 10 at 6:38pm
I'm getting ready to get my (ten year high school) reunion on. :)

October 14 at 3:18pm
Really, there is no need to update my status: today is the same as yesterday. Well, except that I might be feeling a bit more prickly.

October 17 at 2:51pm
Why are people ignorant enough to think they can rob an ATM?

October 27 at 1:01pm
my google reader runneth over...

November 9 at 7:35pm
Today, a bank customer told me he hopes Barney Frank gives me a shot in the ass because I deserve it. It was one of those Mondays.

17 seconds ago
Because I'm so vain... I just reviewed all my status updates for 2009... and blogged about it.


Travener said…
I never understood that Carly Simon song, "You're So Vain." I mean, she says, "You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you." But it *is* about him, so how can he be vain for thinking it so? 2009 had its moments, that's for sure, but on a personal level, meaning "it's all about me," I can't wait for 2010.
Travener, you're so vain that you probably thought that post was about you... well, it totally was about you, but you are still vain for thinking that it was about you, which it was. Clearly. About you. :)

Tina Lynn, I absolutely should have included "nachbar!" 'Cept that place deserves its own post.
Anonymous said…
slaver slaver govva govva drool snort. This post STINK STANK STUNKS.
Anonymous said…
This is the dumbest list I've ever read! Nobody cares, not even facebook. The entire Internet wishes it could puke right now.
Jm Diaz said…
I laughed my ass off with these! I do have a favorite pair though. (:

And to that looser troll: piss off, fart-knocker.
Ragnaar said…
Ragnaar real troll, not like fake dimwit Anonymous who never eat children with herring sauce or face down Billy Goats Gruff.
In defense of my blog post, I did ask for a troll yesterday in Sierra Godfrey's comments.

It looks as though, if you put it out there into the world, the internet gods will reward you!

Diaz, which is your favorite pair? The one about my potential divorce? I think that will be the subject of my next TMI Thursday post. I'll write about being thankful for a forgiving husbter.
Jayme said…
is it bad that this isn't the first time i've seen these???
Jm Diaz said…
Yes indeed. Those are the ones! ;)
Sierra Godfrey said…
My favorite was certainly the possible divorce one.

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