nano update/ confession

I wrote a little this morning. Not, mind you, a lot. I'm still about 6,000 words behind the approximate-Nano-worthy word count... oh, and that's only if you count the words I wrote before the beginning of November. I figure I'm allowed to cheat since I am not officially signed up, and I since I had less than 5,000 words written before the month stared, so it's not really that big of a deal.

(Well, I would have a lot more than that if you counted the backstory about my main character's childhood, which I want to embed into the ms as a flashback, but I am not yet sure where or how I'm going to use it, so for now, it's not considered part of the word count.) <-- longest sentence ever.

It feels good to admit that I am cheating. Although, let's be honest.

It kind of sucks, too.

I'm about to beat the living daylights out of my inner editor, who is being really mean to me lately, and telling me that my blog posts suck as much as my first draft. I think she might be a little PMS-ish.


Tina Lynn said…
Tell you inner editor to stick it! I love your blog posts.
Yeah, last night my wife went in for some extra work at the bookstore.

I was like "Awesome! Put the kids to bed and it'll be writing time!"

And then I played Pokemon and watched the Monday Night Football game.
Jm Diaz said…
I'm with Tina... I love your blog posts, though I know what you mean. My blog post have been "blah" lately...
I figure its better to spend what little time I have on my WIP, if I have to choose between it and blogging, or Blahging.
carissajaded said…
Cheater cheater pumpkin eater. Now that I got my 5 year old commentary out of the way... High five to you for even trying! And cheat all you want. I got through H.S. spanish by cheating and noone got hurt. AND i ended up getting a minor in spanish and actually learning it!!
Your internal editor needs to go to the mall with mine so they'll leave us the hell alone.
Travener said…
Amber, here's my word count for my WIP for the months of October and November combined: 0.

So don't sweat it.
Peter S. said…
Hi, Amber! Oh, so you've participated in that event! I can't wait to read what you'll be finishing. I just wish that we have this event in Manila.

By the way, thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you send your bookshelf pictures soon.
staceyjwarner said…
Oh you poor girl, don' beat yourself up. So many people are STRUGGLING, it kind of makes me giggle because life is very funny!

I respect all of you for giving it the ol' college try but honestly, unless you are a monk in a mountain, single with cats, life sometimes just gets in the way, ESPECIALLY around the holidays! If it was a January 1st start date I bet people would do much better.

CHEAT AWAY...your secret is safe here.

much love

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