No, No Nano

I had never heard of Nano (National Novel Writing Month) until this year. For those of you who don't know, you better ask somebody.

Well, since you asked, I'll tell you. It's insanity, that's what it is. The goal is to write 50,000 words - the equivalent of 175 pages -- in the month of November.

I didn't sign up to officially participate, but figured I would write the approximate 1500 words per day in an attempt to finish my manuscript before Christmas. I thought it would be such great motivation, knowing that other writers out there were sitting at their laptops and pounding the keys, forming sentences and paragraphs and scenes.

But I'm behind already and considering the wave of a white towel. I'd written 1500 words by this morning and proceeded to quickly delete the crappy half this afternoon.

I think that November is a sucky month for writing - November 1st, particularly, is really not the best day to start doing anything. Whether you were in a sugar coma from all the Halloween candy or hungover from twenty jello shots (as was the case with me) I just cannot imagine that yesterday was a productive day for anyone. If you were productive, then I want to tell you where to stick it that I am happy for you.

If I could count blog entries, emails, and facebook status updates, then I might actually be on track to hit 50,000 words by the end of the month.

I'm off to sulk. I'm all crusty nosed from being out in the cold at the Louisville football on Saturday and I feel like someone punched me in the liver. Take your 3000 plus words and shove them up your ass, Nano participants.

Yes, I am a little envious. No, I don't really want you to shove anything up your ass, unless you're into that, in which case I have no problem with the shoving of whatever your little hearts desire, except gerbils, because that's animal cruelty.


carissajaded said…
Props to you for even trying! I keep reading about people who are doing this, and I just don't know how people have the time.. much less the inspiration. I write when I feel it... and as soon as I commit to something it gets ridiculously more difficult.
Jenni Bailey said…
Well kudos to you for even signing up. It can be good to try new things. And if you could resist the urge to delete the crappiest of crap that comes out of your brain I think you've got a fighting chance. The whole thing is that some people (myself included) just cannot get on board with the "quantity over quality" thing. It does NOT compute.

I'll just take my time, thankyouverymuch, and join all the other fab non-Nanoers.
saucyminx410 said…
I've heard of this challenge before my creative writing prof. was super into it when I was in college and tried to get everyone to sign up then - I too think it sounds like insanity. I think the only way for the average joe to get it done is to just write free-flowingly without taking time to go back, restructure, and edit until all the words are done. I would love to try it myself sometime - but I think you're right - the months of November and December should not be the months for such tasks- January perhaps- after the holidays when there's nothing else to do but be cold and full from too much Christmas yumminess!
Wendy Sparrow said…
I think some writing styles are just more prone to productivity in this situation. If you're in the middle of an actual project--Nano might be more frustrating than exciting. If I had a WIP that I was moving on, I don't think I'd have tried NaNo.

Your post made me laugh, btw. As did my word verification: rembrum. (It reminds me of the "Shining" and "redrum"--if someone who'd over-done it on sugar or jello shots was saying it.)
ElanaJ said…
You could do NaNoWriMoLite, something I recently heard a friend say. Set a word goal that would be difficult for you, say 25,000 words. Then aim for that.

Good luck!
pinkflipflops said…
if blogs, facebook or random message boards were books i'd totally reach my reading goal.
Tina Lynn said…
*wipes Dr. Pepper off monitor* Nice, Amber! That's all I can say. Nice.
Deb Markanton said…
Hahahaha! Yeah, I signed up at the last minute for NaNo. Only because I have this disease called Can't Stop Self-Editing. I'm hoping that in the attempt to regurgitate 50,000 words, I'll succumb and just let any old thing spew from my laptop.
Wish me luck. I personally don't think I'll make it. LOL
SJ said…
Good job for trying!

I agree. November is a sucky month. I like Thanksgiving and all, but December is where it's at!

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