Sarah, Plain and Tall

Seriously, Sarah? I am more irritated with you now than I was when you called Katie Couric perky on Oprah this week (and wasn't that the annoying pot calling the whistling kettle black?) and more irritated than I was when the interview with Katie Couric aired and you couldn't think of one book or magazine that you read on the regular. (Oh, I'm sorry - you chose not to disclose the titles of books and magazines and newspaper you devour, because Katie Couric was annoying you and treating you like an uneducated inuit.)

Maybe you should have just swallowed your ego and mentioned Newsweek. I mean, I'm not suggesting that the cover page would look different if you had, but could you try any harder to alienate the media? I know, I know, they are all evil, with their leftist agendas and loose morals. I understand. It's so difficult when the world won't give a feminist maverick a fighting chance, and harder still when that maverick has been ordered to stay on script.

However, calling this cover sexist is just absolutely ludacris. The majority of the visual aids which aired during the Oprah interview showed you sweating your buns off on an ellipitical. You've obviously worked hard to stay in shape, and it shows. You might have reason to really tackle an issue if the photo was heavily retouched or airbrushed, which (I'll be honest) I am assuming it was. But, I would also assume that the responsibility for that lies with the original publication, Runner's World. We can't have young woman thinking that toned thighs and an itty bitty waist are the only way to the top, now can we?

Oh, Sarah. What are we going to do with you? This cover is perfect, for you have become a part of pop culture, not a fighter for any serious political reform.

I remember sititng in in an uppity coffee shop soon after your veep nomination was announced, and smiling at all the Sarah button-wearers (upper-middle class, conservative housewives) in the middle of a conservation about what this meant for women. I had to ask them, I couldn't resisit, "Would you still wear the button if it is said Hillary?" (They told me they would not have worn the button if it said Hillary.) They were merely pro-lifers on baby highs. You won over the suburbs this way Sarah. It wasn't because of  t & a, and certainly wasn't a result of  q & a.

Yes, I am jealous that your book became a bestseller before it even hit the stands, but ultimately, I am just over your excuses for the way you are perceived, your accent, and your solid colored wardrobe.


KLo said…
Haha, this is great : )!!!!!!!

I think you really hit the nail on the head with the "pop culture" observation. That's really what Palin will go down in history as ... the hair, the glasses, the IMAGE.

carissajaded said…
This is good, girl... While I don't think I've completely gotten aboard on the Palin hate train, you put a lot of what has been swirling around in my brain into actual words. And now I feel even more irritated with her...
Jayme said…
who is sarah palin?

JUSTTTT KIDDING. but seriously, hot bod... did i miss the point?
Jayme said…
on second thought, is the hair over her right shoulder a little fake looking? almost like an alaskan racoon died there? over it... AWKWARD...
Dr Zibbs said…
Yeah but she looks pretty hot there.
Sarah Palin said…
Oh, now, dontcha see how the liberal elite media like the Ambrose Todd Murpheys of this world, who I betcha grew up in Louisville, Russia, jes' hate ta see a real woman standin' up for all those men in our troops over there fightin' to keep our taxes low, and lettin' the moose run free like we do in Alaska, you betcha we will and don't he forgettin' about them death panels and all.
J'adore whoever just posted a comment as Sarah Palin.

I really want to know who wrote it, though, because you deserve mad props. I snorted while reading your comment, and may have slightly annoyed bank customers and employees alike.

Made. my. day!
Tina Lynn said…
I'm staying out of political stuff, because I would not say something that you would appreciate. I like Sarah and I HATE our current administration. If I wanted socialism, I'd live in freakin' China.
Travener said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Travener said…
Amber - I confess.

I'm surprised you couldn't tell.
I think she might have more of a point with the pictures used in the article itself. Apparently, from what I heard, everyone of them has her legs in them. And there's a picture of a Palin doll dressed as a school girl.

In fact, left-leaning MediaMatters has also condemned Newsweek for the pictures they chose to run with the article, claiming that the sexist overtones take away from the legitimacy of the article itself (last paragraph of the article I linked).
Tina Lynn:

I love you,
do you still love me.
Can we just agree
to disagree?

Trav: I figured that was you or jm diaz, who is m.i.a. lately... so I was leaning toward you.

mjenks: Maybe she does have a point. And, maybe you just want to mention it because I am a cat killer and now you look at me differently. ;)
Nah. I've hit plenty of suicidal animals in my day. A couple of rabbits, a racoon, a possum, and even was charged by a buck deep in the rut.

Besides, anything that allows me to link back to an old Latin lesson is a good thing.

Except for the cat.
pinkflipflops said…
They day she became the VP nom was the day I did my Obama is my prez dance.. ;) It's sad that that many people would spend money on reading CRAP and what they can easily find on the internet. Or just by a tabloid. The only thing she is good for is sound bites that SNL and John Stewart can use. Oh and and the Oprah comment had my hub and I DYING..
Tina Lynn said…
Of course, I still love you. I won't hate on you for not liking Sarah if you won't hate on me cuz I do:)
Tina Lynn:

It's a deal.
But she's a pill,
and her running mate
was over the hill.

(Was that flyting?! I am only trying to be funny, I swear. We are all entitled to our political opinions, and I respect YOU and YOURS. Much love, lady friend.)
Tina Lynn said…
That was some awesome flyting. *wipes tear* I'm so proud!
LiLu said…
She's good for Halloween costumes and the NRA... and not much else.
The Daily Rant said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Daily Rant said…
What I'd like to know is 1) who goes jogging with their hair done like that and 2) every time I've seen this picture, I've thought, "Is she wearing pantyhose with her shorts??" Her legs are way to shiny.

Aside from that - the Sarah Palin comment is hilarious, and the Tina comment...well, I thought Tina said she was going to stay out of politics because she'd say something you wouldn't appreciate and then she goes and says something you wouldn't appreciate. Doggone her.

It doesn't surprise me that Sarah Palin has become a favorite of so many people in this country - all you have to do is travel as much as I have and you'd get a real clear picture of how many simple (and not in the Amish way) people populate our country. I am dumdfounded at some of the stuff I hear come out of their mouths. There are millions of sheep out there just blindly following the pretty "I talk as dumb as you do" sheep herder.

I am so glad the man I voted for won. And like PinkFlipFlops, as soon as she was announced as McAncient's running mate, I knew he had dug his own grave.

I just hope I have a chance to vote for Obama AGAIN. Wanna know why? I LURRRRV him!!

Oh, and I also love Chinese food.

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