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I made twenty-five of these frames from Garden Ridge ($2.50 each!) with different quotes in each one. They were lovely additions to the tables at the reception and made great gifts for people who were involved in the wedding day.

Our favors were fortune cookies with love fortunes inside. I used four different sayings -- my favorite one was "all you need is love." I bought the boxes and cookies online, and assembled them myself with the help of my mama! Half the boxes were purple with yellow ribbon.

I made our programs online using, and I really loved the simplicity of them. I used no capital letters whatsoever. I also ordered them in magnets and gave them away to friends and family.
My cake topper was the creation I was most impressed with, because I spent $5.00 on it.

I bought the wooden "m" at Michael's along with some purple paint and a sponge. A couple of coats later and... viola!

I didn't make this, but it was my idea. We used a signature frame instead of the traditional guest book, and I loved displaying our engagement photos (taken by a friend for free!) Also, I love how the linens matched my dress!

The gals. The bitch bridesmaid on your right is the one who made the video of me singing at the bachelorette party... and the one who took the engagement photos.

The guys.

The front of the building where the event took place.

Duty goofy bridal party shot.

Posing for the paparazzi.

Will I ever again look this smashing? Le sigh.

Hubs-to-be sees me walking down the aisle. LOVE.


saucyminx410 said…
I love the one of you with your bouquet up over your head- you look so glamorous! I see so many of those pictures with the whole bridal party holding their bouquets up and it always seems as though someone's face is being blocked or it looks like someone is smelling their arm pit- this is just right- the most important one gets showcased.

Hubby seeing you for the first time is also priceless!
carissajaded said…
I love the quote frames! So cute. You are so crafty! And I love the pic of your hubs walking down the aisle. He looks down right smitten!
Kirsten said…
Just found your blog from Carissa.. and I see she commented above haha

such good ideas for making a wedding more affordable but so beautiful! I love the look in your husband's in love! :)
Natalie Murphy said…
Love the pictures! Pretty!
Tina Lynn said…
You're too cute, Amber:)
pinkflipflops said…
We also did the picture signing instesd of a guestbook. Guestbooks seem really overrated. Okay, so I want a list of peoples names? No thanks..
Sam said…
i love the DIY aspect of your wedding. it seems it made it so much more personal! Your wedding dress is gorgeous! love your blog :)

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