all in a twist

Isn't it unreal that a decade has passed since we got our global panties in a twist over Y2K?

Another year is coming to a close, and my panties aren't in a twist about anything, unless you think the following concerns are something:

considering fearing the idea of procreation
credit card debt
turning thirty in about fourteen months
my company being bought out
my job changing drastically -- except for the part about it still being in banking
my dad turning sixty (it weirds me out, probably more than the idea of saying adieu to my twenties)
writing 2010 on things
realizing that the two-thousands thus far have been a blur (i.e. my husband and I are still arguing about whether or not we got engaged in '05 or '06.)
not knowing what to call the 2010's (I'm leaning toward the twenty-teens)
feeling strange about living at the turn of the century (how odd will we seem to the people who are our age a hundred years from now? I mean, don't people who lived in the early 1900's just seem peculier to you? They do to me.)

No, my panties aren't in a twist.

Update: Well, my panties weren't twisted when I started composing this post. Mostly, I just wanted to type panties a ton of times. However, a bird flew into my living room window at lunchtime... and I started to feel creeped out. I'm not even superstitious.

(Plus, the glass window didn't shatter or even crack, and the bird recoiled but flew away.)

Still. Creepyspice.

*changing panties.*


Don't stress about thirty that much. I turned thirty this year and really, it's not all that traumatic. But now I am stressed about what to call the decade. The teens, hmm...weird.
Bethany Wiggins said…
Here is the scary thing for me. It seems like Y2K just started. The past ten years flew by! So, will the next ten fly by? Because if the do, I am just a hop skip and a fast decade from being in my mid forties. Crap! Panties in a bunch.
My panties weren't in a twist until I read this post, then my panties got more twisted which is really weird because I don't even have panties on - in fact I don't even own a pair of panties, but... it really is fun typing panties so thanks for that.

jayme said…
Travener said…
Damn, the Mormon guy beat me to the punch about how glad I was that you were writing about panties.

Now, please declaim on lacey bras.
Travener said…
I mean, lacy bras. Lacey Bras would be a good name for a character, though.
Tina Lynn said…
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Tina Lynn said…
Name that movie:

"Ooh, somebody's still got their panties in a twist."

"Don't think for one second that you had any affect whatsoever on my panties."
Ten Things I Hate About You!

Ten Things I Hate About You!!
Susan R. Mills said…
I turned thirty in 2000. Thanks for the reminder that I'll be turning forty this year! Aye. Now you went and got my panties all in a twist. :)
Tina Lynn said…
Nice! One of my most favoritist movies ever. Shakespeare + teen angst = awesomespice:)
Shandal said…
I can't wait for my thirties! I do agree that the last 10 years has been a blur though! I hadn't thought about what to call the 2010's... twenty-teens sounds good though... weird, but good!
thirty is a piece of cake...unless you're supersticious then just me SAYING "piece of cake" is going to jinx it all.


best of luck in the new year, I'm sure you'll do just fine!

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