bloomington christmas

I miss the days when my Mammaw used to come down to Louisville, Kentucky for a week in late December. I miss her sitting in the rocking chair at my mom and dad's house drinking her coffee in her deep purple robe and matching slippers. Despite missing the way things used to be, I am mostly just thankful to still have her in our lives, even if we have to go visit her these days. She refuses to move from Indiana to Kentucky to be closer to us, even though my mom is her only child. I guess I know who passed on the stubborn gene to me.

The little one in the middle is my four year old niece, Carley. She is currently obsessed with that GAP kids commercial, you know, "We want comfy sweaters!" and "How cute are these boots?!" Clearly, I'm getting her a sweater and cute suede boots (with tassels!) for Christmas, and I'm going to learn the song in the commercial so we can perform it together on Christmas Day. (Formal Attire/ Officially Retired!... I've got a ways to go.)

The little bundle of joy in Mammaw's arms is my six month old nephew, Clayton. He seems to be enjoying his first Christmas season, even though my sister did try to lop off his finger with nailclippers Sunday morning. If you peer closely at that tiny thumb, you'll see a band-aid. My sister cried. She felt horrible. Clayton bled, but he was a trooper. Someday, IF I have children, I am sure I will harm them in some way. At that time I shall allow my sister to verbally slaughter me.

I love my new purple scarf, a gift from one of my favorite coworkers who went to India this fall to visit her family. Also, my hair looks pretty in this picture. Doesn't it?


carissajaded said…
Awww your mammaw is adorable!! I think when people get older they get more stubborn with every year. I also really like your purple scarf. I have been looking for one. Must be purple.
Jm Diaz said…
There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being stubborn. GO ahead, say otherwise!

And nice scarf.. I like scarfs ;)
jayme said…
just ONE of your favorites because I'M OBVI your favorite.

Sharla said…
love the scarf....and yes your hair looks fab. LOL! Ran across you on QT when I was skulking around and followed you I put you on my following list. Have a great holiday!
Those baby nail clippers are a b*tch. After making my son bleed once, I asked the doc for tips. She said to just clip the very edge to get it started then peel the nail across. That works.

And super cute scarf. Have a great holiday!
@ Carissa - don't you just love that purple came back last fall? This year it's all peace signs and plaid. I'm sticking with purple.

@ JM - True, being stubborn is sort of an asset... sticking to ones guns and what not.

@ Jayme - OBVI!

@ Sharla - Welcome! Thanks for following and commenting. QT seems so awesome. I can't wait until I'm really ready to start using it to query.

@ Roni - I will pass along the tip to my sister. Happy Holidays to you as well.
Melissa said…
I actually know someone who refused to cut her baby's fingernails because of this. Instead, she bit them off. Gross!!!

Love the scarf:)
Travener said…
Purple is the color of royalty, of course.
Tina Lynn said…
Amber, you are an absolute doll! And I was told to clip the nails while the babies slept. It really helped:)
jdcoughlin said…
Hey, I bit the nails off. So much easier, and no bleeding. And yes, also when they were sleeping. And, love the hair and the scarf, what a look to go into the holidays with!

Happy holidays!!
Karilynnlove said…
Mammaw is so sweet! Your blessed to have her with you! I know my Mammy is keeping tabs on me from somewhere!
Merry Christmas!
Iva said…
so super cute!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

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