a christmas miracle

My husband finally fixed the gutters after six months of me not nagging him at all.

See ladies, this is how it's done. You just inwardly groan and curse his very existence, and things around the house that need fixing will evetually get fixed.

In truth, the only reason he finally mustered the motivation to fix said gutter is because his brother (and his brother's new girlfriend) are spending the night at our house this weekend, to dog sit for Carson, while hubs and I head to Bloomington, Indiana to for Christmas with my grandma.

In truth, I don't care why the gutter is now, once again, snugly in place -- I am just glad it is no longer dangling precariously from the house and threatening to slice through my skull on the next blustery day.
Sadly, now that hubs has completed this long overdue task, I have the sneaking suspicion that he will expect me to tidy up the indoors, lest my potential sister-in-law get the impression that the Murphy's live in complete and utter filth all year long. However, to avert her possible disdain for dirt will require the use of a vacuum and (shudder) a dustrag. And perhaps another Christmas miracle.

When a girl has barely began her shopping, she doesn't have time for all that. I'm supposed to be hauling out the holly, not the swiffer wet jet.

Who am I kidding. I don't even own know how to operate one of those.


jayme said…
you have that keyword category thingy as "gutterball" ...how many other times will you use that tag?
I will use it again when I start blogging about bowling, of course.

It's almost 6pm. We have 28 more minutes to go.

Then we will get our Fiesta Time started! Ole!
pinkflipflops said…
I want to hire a maid.
Travener said…
Now if my wife would only understand not to nag. Not that it matters. She's hardly ever here, anyway. The kids and I sort of prefer it that way, actually.
staceyjwarner said…
well i will no longer worry about your skull...

much love
Jm Diaz said…
Swifer wet jet = what heaven should smell like. Trust me on this, I have mild OCD... it's awesome. Enjoy your xmas and congrats on your unmanipulative mind manipulation. Them gutters needed fixing. :)

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