a december day in the Life of a banker

A Banker's Christmas Tree:

I would like to inform you that the tree skirt is fashioned out of bank envelopes. Please also note the suckers and the money strap chain. And the rubberband balls.

Vanna White Amber with the tree. And wrinkled kakhis.

My boring office. I stay out of it as much as I can.

The rest of the joint. I would like to tag Kentucky Blonde in this photo. She's the, uh, blond one.

Hell on earth = demanding that hundreds of customers empty out their safe desposit boxes before this branch building closes in February...


jayme said…
i'm pretty sure i was nappin in this picture. we'll have to get an up close picture of the details of that tree because let's face it, it rocks.
i <3 the bank ... SIKE!!!!
Tina Lynn said…
Awww...Amber, you're so cute!
Shandal said…
Oye... I so DO.NOT. miss working at a bank at all! I was a teller then a Teller Supervisor for 8 years... Yuck. It really is a nasty job handling all that money everyday. I honestly believe that tellers are under paid for the amount of crap they have to take from the customers. Tellers are front line people, they can make or break your customer service reputation and therefore can potentially slowly destroy the bank's business if they wanted to. Muah Hahahaha (evil laugh)
Travener said…
Amber - Lovely tree. I'd say something else but I promised Tina the other day that I'd make no more boob-related posts, so... I'm still waiting for an answer on my A.T.M. question (check your old posts if you don't know what I mean).

Oh, by the way, I could use a loan. Can you work that out for me?
Shandal: What bank did you work for?

Trav: You can talk about boobs over here. Don't let sweet niblets stop you!

And I already answered your cash machine question. See my older post. Nah, here, I'll just copy and paste it:

[Trav: Yes, I love that my initials are now ATM. Actually, they are ALTM because the "Leigh" is in there, too. My business cards say Amber Tidd Murphy and several customers have noticed that my initials. One even asked, "Did you plan that?" Uh, I clearly did!]

So... no. No one has outright called me "cash machine."

And, yes, I could attempt to get you a loan. (Ha. I just typed "alone" instead of "a loan" and burst out laughing as I backspaced thinking that slip was rather freudian!)
The Daily Rant said…
Cool to see pictures of where you work...but isn't taking pictures INSIDE a bank some sort of security breach? LOL

Love the one of the safety deposit boxes.

Does the branch closing mean you're out of a job or do you move to another building?
The Daily Rant said…
PS: Your friend (or maybe not friend) Shandal over there is totally cute! And I mean that in the "appreciation of beauty" way, not in the "creepy internet lesbian stalker" way.

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