for the love of the game

Yes, I'm all serious and writerly, but I'm a sporty girl, too. I mean, not in the coordinated, running aound with athletic gear sense, but in fandom... if there is a bigger Indiana basketball fan than me, I would like to meet him!

I took these photos at a game I went to last year at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Indiana. A friend of mine has season tickets, and her seats are pretty high up there. This was our view of the court during the first half of the game. However, at halftime the most wonderful thing happened. A man was leaving early and sold us his tickets for $10.00. They were in a section called The North Lodge -- behind the home basket and ten rows from the floor.

Can you see this picture at all? Once we were cozied up in our amazing new seats, I took a picture of the nosebleeds, thinking just how far we'd come. I mean, we'd hit the big time scoring these seats, rubbing elbows with the newspaper photographers, the wealthy, and the alumni.

Just look how happy I am! I am literally glowing. (I might have been a little sweaty, so that could account forthe shine. But, it was warm in there and I was cheering really hard for my team, so I am not apologizning.)

You'll note my t-shirt says CHAMPS. This is the NCAA Championship t-shirt from 1987, the last year IU won it all. My dad gave to me years ago. I used to sleep in it when I was a kid and it came down to my knees. It might have has a hole in the arm pit.

I was especially excited at the end of this game, since we won -- and only by three points. It was a nail-biter.
Also, pardon the red eye. It's either the school colors, or the devil in me.

Here, hubs and I pose for a phot while fans of the opposing team (how did they get those seats?) hang their heads behind us. I'm not sure what is up with my hubster's hair in this picture.You'll note also that while his shirt is red, it is a shout out for Old Navy and not "for the glory of old IU."

Hubs is a Louisville fan. He supports me in my fandom, since we don't play against each other on a yearly basis anymore. The first year we were dating -- in fact it was about five minutes after we started dating -- Louisville blew out Indiana by more than twenty points.... so that is why I don't feel bad that this picture is more flattering of me than him.

Here I am at the end of that night, blissfully happy and getting ready to leave Bloomington and the historic barn that is Assembly Hall.

I might look a little bit like a bug in my Hoosier tobaggon, but it kept my little noggin warm.

 So. Tomorrow is the annual rivalry between Indiana and the as-yet-unbeaten Kentucky Wildcats.
Tip off is at noon. Bring it.


That post looked really jacked up when I first pubslished it, but I think I worked it out.
carissajaded said…
Looks fun!! I'm not a huge fan, but every once in a while when I get to go to a Mavs game, I have a blast!!!

Everyone in my office is obsessed with Louisville, btw.... I dont get it really.. we're in texas!
staceyjwarner said…
looks great...and it looks like you were having a great time.

much love
Tina Lynn said…
I like a little Troy Bolton with my basketball:)
Jerry C said…
I've got mixed emotions. Love that basketball and think Larry Bird is one of the all-time greats. Mixed about Bobby Knight. But, having sent 5 kids to U of Illinois (University named a toilet after me), I gotta tell you, Indiana can win all their games except for the two or maybe three they play against the Illini.

So I guess you were mad about Eric Gordon?

The last time Indiana came to Notre Dame, I put on my red sweatshirt and stood in the student section and taunted the losers around me.

It was so great when Kirk Haston and Dane Fife ruined Troy Murphy's final season in the blue and gold. And spoiled that top-ten ranking, too.

Getting completely decimated by an unranked team will do that to you...

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