la vie poeme redux

Back in October, I blogged the news that a few poems I penned were accepted for submission to the University of Louisville's literary magazine, The White Squirrel.

Recently, I received word that two of my entries for this year were selected as well. To my knowledge, there will not be an electronic version this time around. However, the print copies are available today.

(I'm grinning just a little.)

Here they are, for your edification:


smeared ink, the pages are crying,
and i know what you are
trying to say.
arranged, the letters spell out the
simple truth: all lies.
lavish language flows like a
river of tears,
and in far corners of my weary mind
i see your form,
huddled over an ink stained book,
salty water escaping from your silent eyes.

the artists

we stir it up and
then it
mixes, it
hardens, it
sidewalk/ cement/
very definite in shape:
and then they
pick at it.
chizzle away,
before we can get our hands on
the paint thinner/
the white out/ the
that would censor
our concrete selves.


Tina Lynn said…
*turns green* Jealous. I suck at poetry.
Jm Diaz said…
These were quite beautiful. You should be more than just grinning...not for the publications (though thats nice) but for the wonderful thing you created.
Travener said…
I like these, though I must confess I know nothing about poetry, especially any written after the 17th century.
To my three bloggy besties: many, many thanks.
Sierra Godfrey said…
Congrats Amber! This is really wonderful!
Thanks for the compliment, Sierra!

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