a post in which the murphy's procrastinate

Where's this snow the weatherman talked about?

Today there's nothing but a cold December rain here in Louisville, Kentucky.

I'm supposed to be cleaning the house and wrapping my grandmother's Christmas gifts, as we are leaving for Bloomington, Indiana in a few hours. So far this morning, I have puttered around facebook, caught up on my google reader, smoked four cigarettes, and had two diet cokes for breakfast. Oh, I started a load of laundry. I'm on task!

My husband is working -- he'll finish up around noon thirty -- and when he gets home at 1:00, I plan to be packed (and have him packed) and showered and ready to go, and I'll inevitably stamp around as he sits on the couch and takes forever to claim that he is ready to leave for our road trip.

This is how we operate when preparing for travel. If we're going to visit my side of the family, like today, he won't be ready to go on time. If we're going to visit his side of the family -- well, then usually he won't be ready to go on time, either.

I have learned that I just need to tell him I want to leave about 30 minutes earlier than I actually do, so that I can trick him into timely arrival for family affairs.

So, I'm signing off until Sunday night, at which time I will arrive home from Bloomington and throw myself at the television in order to claim the remote before my husband does, so that the Survivor finale will trump Sunday Night Football.

I wear the t.v. pants in my house. Buh-ya.

Oh, crap. I'd better go wrap my Mammaw's gifts, and do the dishes, and sweep the kitchen floor, and dust things, and pick up clutter, and get myself into the shower. It's already ten in the morning.

Maybe just the tiniest peek at my WIP before I start on all that. I mean, I'm leaving her for the entire weekend. She'll be lonely while I'm gone. Maybe I can just cuddle with one of my middle chapters for a few minutes before I go.


Travener said…
Have a good trip. Do you want us to pray to the Snow God for you?
Karilynnlove said…
I have to tell Boyfriend an earlier time too. I think its a man-thing!
Tina Lynn said…
Snuggle up! I'll miss you:)
It's good to be back in Kentucky and stationed at my laptop where i belong.

Mammaw says to tell all of you hello... well, no. She didn't, because she doesn't know about my blog, but if she knew about it, she would definitely say "What's up?!"

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