them's fightin' words

I am so zapped today. I think I need to stop staying up so late every night.

Seriously, I do not even have the energy to compose this. My eyes are closing.

Oh God.
Caffeine crash.

I am pretty sure this is like the time Jessie Spano (from Saved by the Bell, of course) was strung out on uppers and was soooo excited, sooo excited... so, so scared.

Not only am I fatigued, I am also tired of certain elements of my job, like not being able to straight cuss out certain people who I work with.

Seriously shut the hell up and do your job.



jayme said…
this is ridiculous.
mental issues, much??
Bethany Wiggins said…
At least you find humor in exhaustion!!!
Deb Markanton said…
I hear ya about the need to unload on co-workers. It's no Winter Wonderland where I work lately.
Chin up! It will get better. ;)
Tina Lynn said…
Oh, I am so with you. I have someone that I work with...well, let's just say we usually co-exist fairly well, but sometimes we get on each other's nerves. The other day I had to be a witness while she was firing someone. They had been bad-mouthing the company to anyone that would listen. So, the woman was like, "Should you be fired for complaining to me about Tina all the time?" Oh, man, the chick turned red. I thought it was hilarious. I keep that stuff at home (complain to the hubby), but I wasn't mad. At least she getting it out of her system.
Sarah said…
Unless it's about me....I totally feel ya ;)
Travener said…
Take a nap, darlin'. A long one. Then have a stiff drink. Then watch the snow come down.
Melissa said…
I had some co-workers like that at my last job. I was more than happy when I walked out of there for good this past May.

I know what you mean about staying up too late. I have to do all of my writing after everyone is in the bed, then I have to get up at 6:00 am to get the kids ready for school. It seems like I live off of caffeine.
jayme: bipolarspice

bethany: but if you laugh really, really hard and loud, sometimes you just look crazy.

deb: chin is now up! I'm on vacation until 12/28. :)

tina: i keep it at home, too. i never talk about people to their face, or on my blog. (That's why I crossed out all the meanest stuff.)

sarah!: i love it that the first comment you leave for me is on this particular post. no, boss, it was NOT about you!

trav: i eased my work stress with loads of take-out chinese food and the msg just melted away the anger. score!

melissa: sleep is overrated, right? I try to tell myself that.

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