this guy is cooler than YOUR sister's husband

How awesome is my brother-in-law?

In response to my post about feeling "overexposed" on Thanksgiving, he left this gem for me:

Amber's Bro-in-Law said...

Let me first start off by saying that I do enjoy reading Amber's blogs, but not with the intent that most family members have. You see, Amber and I... We just get each other; maybe it's that we both understand living with her sister (my wife), or something else, but we get along well.

I think that she is a brilliant writer who speaks from the heart no matter what the topic is. I also really enjoy the strikeouts!

So whether she is writing for personal reasons, emotional reasons, or because she sees it as a place to vent, that is not for me to judge... No permanent lurkers here... I prefer the term - follower :)

To Amber: Feel free to write away, because whether this is a secret or not, I'll read with a zipped lip and will always look forward to TMI Thursdays :)

By the way... if you need help with your gutters, you have my number :)

December 2, 2009 3:14 PM

Clearly, he deserved a shout out for that. Also, if you are in need of a videographer, please visit his website,, where you can see photos and video of me, which I know I have mentioned before. But I do not apologize, because I never grow tired of watching the highlights of my rooftop wedding, and I don't think you would tire of it either.


Travener said…
Metrognome! ROTFL!
That's a pretty awesome response. My blog is public knowledge, but most of my family don't bother reading it--I'm sure they think it's a snore.
staceyjwarner said…
what a great guy...sounds like you have a wonderful relationship!

so fabulous...

much lvoe
carissajaded said…
Aww he is a great guy! Sounds like you got yourself some good people in your life!
Jm Diaz said…
I'm with Roni. My family never stops by my blog. i could say anything... maybe I will. Hmmmm
MeganRebekah said…
LOL @ "maybe it's that we both understand living with her sister (my wife)"

That's the type of relationship I have with my brother in law!

I am so mad. I just replied to everyone's comments and closed the browser before I realized that there was a problem processing my request and I needed to try again.

(I am not re-typing all of that.)

So, in short, thanks for stopping by go out to Trav, Tina, Roni, Stacey, Carissa, JM, and Megan Rebekah.

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