TMI Thursday: in the style of truth or scare

TMI Thursday
One night in the past seven days, a woman was trying to get to sleep. Her feet were freezing and the empty space on the other side of the bed threw her off nocturnally.

Why, at such a late hour on a weeknight, was her husband not in bed already? Didn't he remember that he and his wife are working stiffs, nine-to-five-ish-ers with alarm clocks and whatnot?

This particularly beautiful, warm, witty woman couldn't fall asleep. She tossed a little. She turned a ton. Then, she made the rookie mistake of peeling back the comforter and heading out into the living room to see what had distracted her mister.

"Are you nuts?" she asked, heading toward her end of the couch and shooting an annoyed face at her husband, who sat on his end of the couch, behind his laptop.

She glanced at the monitor out of the corner of her eye, and tried not to appear as if she noticed: little red x's in upper right corners being quickly clicked to close certain windows, which momentarily sparkled in hot pinks and golds before disappearing into cyber-nothingness.

This smart, hard working, loving woman considered being annoyed, for she had, presumably, stumbled upon her husband's foray into internet porn.

Instead, she turned the other cheek, quite literally, toward the end table to fumble for a late night nicotine snack, a tylenol p.m. -- anything that said I got out of bed for a reason, not to interupt spy on you.

"I'm just, uh, finishing up here," said her husband, possibly looking a little sheepish. She couldn't really tell you, though, just how he looked, for she was avoiding eye contact as though it were catching like a plague.

She considered a rematch of one of their famous fights, of the "That's kind of inappropriate/ couldn't you hide it better? It makes me feel inadequate/ Why are you so secretive about it?" variety.

She sighed. That was sooo five years ago.

Plus, it was kind of unfair, you know, for her to be mad. She had, afterall, been laying in bed fantasizing -- rather decidedly -- about another man.


So, what say you, dear readers? Truth or scare? Did this event unfold in my life -- another alledgedly-true overshare for your guilty reading pleasure?  Instead, is this a carefully crafted chunk of comedic fiction?

You may never know.

No TMI at Lilu's blog this week, but I'm hoping she'll still link all of the posts that we share, so you might head over there and check. No, definitely head over: she is a blog-goddess.

Shout out to my bloggy friend Tina at Sweet Niblets, who suggested Truth or Scare.


LiLu said…
That sounds just a liiiiiiiittle likely...

yanno, if you've ever met a man.
pinkflipflops said…
hahah sounds like something that happens at our house.. just tables turned.. :)
carissajaded said…
I think it definitely could be real... but you are such a great writer I'd probably never know the difference anyway!! Happy New year girl!
Travener said…
Sounds fictive to me...but then again, your entire life reads like a novel...
Ed Adams said…
I'm gonna go with half truth and half fiction.
Tina Lynn said…
Yep, definitely could be real. And fictional boyfriends are the best. They do exactly what you want them to:) On that note, I had a massive stint into romance novels and it kind of perked up my libido a bit. I know TMI, right? Anyhoo, my husband was UPSET about it! WHAT? I asked a couple of male friends what they would do if their wives did the same and one of them said, "I wouldn't question that. I would RIDE that gravy train all the way to the end of the track!" Sometimes we need the fictional boyfriends, written by us or another, to keep the marriage---intact.
Susan R. Mills said…
I say real, but what do I know? Happy New year!

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