the top ten reasons...

Apparently, people like lists.

Well, I read that somewhere. Someone wrote it = it must be true.

Top Ten Reasons Amber May Discontinue TMI Thursdays in 2010:

10. If her mother read some of them then her mother would be sad.
9. If her husband read some of them then her husband would be mad.
8. TMI is really just code for lack of filter.
7. Future agents/ bosses/ lovers (what? where did that come from?) may not be amused.
6. Oversharing should be saved for alcohol soaked evenings, face to face with "live" friends who will promise to keep my sordid stories secret and inevitably blab them all around town.
5. Do people really want to hear about Amber's third nipple, Amber's nub-of-a-tail, and Amber's illegitimate throng of stephchildren?
4. People might start to wonder if any of the factoids in reason number five are actually true, and if I don't continue with TMI Thursdays... they may never know.
3. TMI does not necessarily stand for "takes more imagination."
2. Because what you don't know won't hurt you?
1. I can't tell you; it's too embarrassing.

(I'm blushing.)

So, TMI: Keep it or dump it?


Anonymous said…
Getting rid of TMI Thursdays would be like McDonalds getting rid of the $1.00 menu, they would go out of business. (First comment, but been a reader for a long time.)
Tina Lynn said…
Um...I love TMI Thursdays, but I wouldn't post stuff like that if I knew my family might be reading it. Maybe you could mix it up with fiction. You know, like Truth or Scare. We have to guess if it's real or not.
Shandal said…
Keep it if you got some more dirt that you're willing to share! I would've ran out by now... I'm so boring. AND My mom reads my blog. :(
Deb Markanton said…
Amber, keep it. Your writing is a quirky mix. You are amazingly insightful and able to convey it. You are also able to write the tongue in cheek,is-this-for-real? stuff. I think the latter keeps us guessing just enough to make the TMI Thursdays believable yet unbelievable. That's a good thing! :)
Travener said…
This is the great advantage of a pseudonym. Amber, I understand your reluctance to share, but as a consumer of said revelations, I would hate to see them discontinued. I have so little going right in my life...sniff...sigh...please don't take away my TMI Thursdays too...(Starts to bawl. Tears drip on keyboard, shorting out com
It's a tough call. I'm overly paranoid and always worry that an agent will stumble upon my blog. An agent stopped by Susan's blog (a walk in my shoes) like last month. And today two authors commented on my post (I had featured one of their books in my post--thankfully in a positive light), so you just never know who might stop by. So I err on the side of caution.
Melissa said…
I like Tina's idea. Make it so we don't know if it's true or not. Even let us vote, but you wouldn't have to tell the truth:)
carissajaded said…
I like the voting idea too... and I also struggle with it. As I try to get a new job, start dating new boys, I always have a little bit of me that is like "don't do it girl!!" So I think I'm just gonna tame em down a bit.
LiLu said…
You know where MY vote lies... ;-)
To my Anon Commenter: Well, I think I am supposed to say thanks, unless you are calling my blog "cheap." Maybe you're saying it's a great value, a guilty pleasure. Perhaps you think my blog is salty like fries or sweet as the drizzle on a carmel sundae. Either way, I feel sort of e-stalked, and I like it. (Ohh, was that TMI?)

Tina: We are SO playing Truth or Scare in about five minutes!

Shandal: I highly doubt your life is boring. :)

Deb: Were you just telling me what I wanted to hear? Well, either way: keep talkin'!

Oh, Travener: Don't cry. I won't disappoint you.

Roni: I think your words are like the little angel on my shouder... and I feel like I am brushing that angel aside and saying "I'll see ya in the confessional." :) For now, at least. Why, in my heart of hearts, do I feel like you'll say you told me so one of these days?

Melissa: I like Tina's idea, too. I really, really like it!

Carissa: Whatever. Don't tone it down. Your wet pants TMI Vlog was one of my favorite moments of 2009.

Lilu: I am not abandoning ship! ;)

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