amber: unplugged

I mostly stayed offline yesterday. I think it was my first weekday without a post in months.

Pardon me, as I spent the day recovering from a hangover that hung for the better part of the weekend.

I had so much fun on Saturday, you would have thought I was looking for fodder for my next installment of TMI Thursday.

(I wasn't. But, that sounds like a good excuse.)

The friend I was with said, "You know, I don't think I've been drunk since New Years."

"Neither have I!" I realized.

She and I were feeling really proud of ourselves, and toasted to that -- she with her MGD 64 and me with my full-flavored Coors Lite. Then I pointed out that we weren't even three weeks into 2010. Not that much of an accomplishment.

Still, bottoms up.

Well. It's early, world. I'm off to my first day of a week-long bank training to prepare for my new job, which starts next Tuesday, seven little days from today. I have to get myself to downtown Louisville by 9:00 this morning, which is sometimes a twenty minute commute and sometimes a one hour commute.

It's either blog now, before my coffee, or not at all.

So, I shall pour my coffee, empty my reader, try to comment on a few of the posts I missed yesterday, and hope I get to check back in this afternoon for your comments.

Oh, and don't even ask about my WIP progress from the weekend.

Don't even ask.


carissajaded said…
I've had quite a few days lately where I haven't even logged on, and though I miss it- I have to admit it's kinda nice to unplug every once in a while!!! And cheers to getting drunk!! haha I wish I could say I had only done it once since New Years...
Travener said…
Say, how's that WIP coming along?
Diana Paz said…
I've been meaning to visit your blog, since we both have Wendy in common I figured you must be awesome. Now I'm wondering what took me so long! :)
Melissa said…
I'm glad you had a great weekend! Can't say I've been drunk lately. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I got drunk.

By the way, I have an award for you at my blog:)
jayme said…
COME BACK SPICE !!!!!!!!!!
Shandal said…
I haven't drank anything since New Years too. That's why I'm looking forward to my GNO on Friday! Woohoo!
Tina Lynn said…
Pssst! Amber, I wasn't REALLY moving. I've been getting over a hangover, too. From when I was eighteen:) Yeah, it's been THAT long since I've gotten drunk.
I start a new job next tuesday too. We're like twinners. Except the strongest drink I have had in 2010 was a Guava Monster, and you're a girl, and you have a career... okay if we're twins it's definately fraternal.

@ carissa - what's nice is posting in the morning and having comments waiting in the evening. :)

@ travener - damnitman, i said don't ask!!

@ diana - you know, I had been thinking the same about you! (onward to your blog in the next few.)

@ melissa - I can't wait to head over and see what you left for me!

@ jayme - MISS YOU SPICE. Also, couldn't see my blog @ pnc training. boospice.

@ shandal - GNO's are the best. :)

@ tina lynn - hmm, I'm on to you now. You weren't moving, you lushy liar.

@ j - oh, great. now I have a cyber crush on my brother?! :)
staceyjwarner said…
sometimes we all just need to let loose...

much love
Donna Hole said…
LOL; nothing wrong with time out to have fun off-line fun. Sometimes I get so caught up in the blogosphere I forget there's a real world. Nothing like a good hangover to bring that back into focus.


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