because i am so lame.

Is it completely lame to take a nap at six p.m. on a Friday night?

I'll be honest, crawling into my bed right now for a little shut-eye is more appealing than:

eating dinner
watching a movie
listening to music
watching television

I'm clearly still adjusting to my new work schedule. I haven't been this tired since that time the hubster and I went to bed at eight o'clock on a Saturday night. (You should have seen us the next morning -- up and six and saying, "Um, now what do we do?" We obviously don't normally wake up so early on a Sunday morning. I think we sat on the couch in a daze until the basketball game we wanted to watch actually started at noon. And we discovered breakfast, which is actually a morning meal. Who knew?)

Oh, I did want to watch that Hope for Haiti telethon tonight. (Good thing, too, since it's going to be on like everysinglechannel there is.) I just checked and it starts at 8:00. Two hour nap first! Two hour nap first!

Maybe tomorrow or Sunday, when I can keep my eyes open, I'll post about this cool new emoticon-ish thingy I heard about which involves sarcasm font.

I hope your Friday night is more exciting than zzzzzzzzzz mine.

Amber needs her beauty rest. Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong with your adoring comments.


Travener said…
Amber is *never* wrong. Everyone knows that.

Right now I wish I could sleep forever.
Natalie Murphy said…
lol! Oh Amber, you dont need beauty rest, you're already beautiful ;)

I'm sorry you're so sleepy. I hope everything settles down soon!
Are you up, if not, sweet dreams.
Tina Lynn said…
I'm right there with you. I think I'll sleep all weekend:}
Melissa said…
I've been sleepy all day. And it's been cloudy and cold so that has not helped.

I say enjoy your nap:)
Natalie said…
The wintertime makes me sleepy too. I've been falling asleep every night before 10 lately.

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