i thought the lotus was just a pretty flower...

What email program do you use at work?

At the bank where I work now, we use Outlook. I've always found it easy to navigate, straight-forward, and user friendly.

Next week, I start a new job with a different bank (my bank is actually merging into the new bank where I'm going to work ) and I'll be forced to make the move to Lotus Notes.

I recently took a web-based training, which overviewed the application, and my reaction was as follows...

Um, I think I might need to take a full-on college course, grad school style, in order to understand this madness. Seriously. I am not qualified to use this application.  

I just printed out a "quick reference guide" to have at my fingertips next week. There is nothing quick about it. It is a bible: twenty-one pages devoted to general user knowledge.

I don't know if it's just me (and my occasional aversion to change) but the program seems old-school, archaic. It reminds me of when my parents first got the internet in the nineties, and we had dial-up Juno.

For any of you tech-savy people of there, are you familiar with Lotus? How does it compare to Outlook?


Travener said…
Jeez, I didn't know Lotus was around. I thought it'd gotten totally supplanted by the '90s.
Kay-tee said…
looking at the screen shots here http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/products/notes/email.html

it looks fairly similar to outlook... the real outlook, not outlook express.
jayme said…
ugh effin shootmespice.
I don't have a clue, but I sympathize. The college email system is often much older and out to date that my regular email, yuck! Good luck, I hope it works for you. :)
Shandal said…
We used Lotus notes at the bank I worked at. It is old school. I'm not familiar with Outlook, so I can't compare for you. I thought it was pretty easy though. Give it a week. :)
@ Trav - I know, right?!

@ Kay-tee - thanks for the link!

@ Jayme - What, commenting on blogs on your day off?! That's dedicationspice. Also, Ron Farmer is here!

@ Bethany - Thanks for the encouragement!

@ Shandal - Glad to hear that it wasn't too difficult to navigate. :)
carissajade said…
I use Outlook but I used Lotus at my old job. I actually liked it better..very easy to use!
June said…
Lotus BLOWS!
I had to do the switch and it sucked every day.
The ass I worked for was an old school geek and thought it was the best.
Bethany Wiggins said…
Very un-tech-savvy. Sorry!
MommaAmma said…
Hello, complete stranger who stumbled across your blog. I taught a course on Lotus Notes at my last company. Archaic? Yes. You will surely go through Outlook withdraw. It is a lot easier than you may think unless you are using bookmark applications in Notes which is mostly "where did I see that info I needed?" followed by clicking and closing until you find what you are looking. I'm no help but here is some encouragement for you. You can do it!
Sandra said…
Lotus Notes is actually very easy to use. I used Lotus Notes for a long time before my company decided to upgrade to Outlook. I didn't find the difference to be all that huge. Once you get in there and actually start using it you'll see.
Scope said…
(From MJenks's joint) - I changed from Notes (10+ years) to Outlook about 2.5 years ago.

I still miss Notes, but like everyone else said, they are similar and getting more so all the time.

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