my monday

It's probably better if I don't blog today.

I mean, it's the night time now, so everyone has already posted and you've all read each other's entries and commented by now.

What's the point? Do I even have anything to say? Plus, I should be balancing my checkbook and paying bills online.

(And it's hard to concentrate because my husband keeps trying to talk to me.)

(Leave me alone.)

It's definitely been a Monday.

Today was my last day of downtown-Louisville training, and tomorrow I start working in my new bank branch. My days of strutting around between skyscrapers and eating yummy sushi or Jimmy John's for lunch every day were short lived (and expensive.Thus, avoiding the balancing of the checkbook.)

Things I won't miss:

* A fourty-five minute commute
* Paying $15.00 for parking (hopefully this will be reimbursed!)
* The wind between the downtown buildings (which seems to gust and blow and have no concern for the time it takes me to straighten my hair in the morning.)
* The snow flurries (today) and rain (all the other days) (which seem to have no concern for my hair, either.)
* Being away from home all day -- yes, I'll be giving up the yummy restaurant food, but when I come home I can blog, catch up on my reader, write, smoke cigarettes, take off my shoes, fart etc.


This blog post is going no where fast.

I really apolgize if you are still reading it. Bank training has sucked the creative and witty life right out of me.

Ohh, I do have one cool story, though.

I was in line for lunch today at Panera (on the bottom floor of the Aegon Tower) and Samardo Samuels and Edgar Sosa (Louisville basketball players) were in line in front of me.

I took a picture of them with my cell phone.

(My husband just made fun of me for that.)

The picture didn't even turn out very good, though... because I just got them in profile.

(And, really, trust me... the building is more attractive than those two boys anyway.)

(They were sweatyspice.)


Bad day for you, but a funny post to me.
Elana Johnson said…
Sweatyspice!! LOL!

And I don't work in a big city, so big buildings like that for me are sheerly amazing.
Taking your shoes off is something I can back 100%.
Travener said…
Don't forget that some of us live on the Left Coast so if you're posting at night it's still afternoon or evening here and we'll still comment away, as I'm doing here.

Louisville has skyscrapers?!

(Just kidding. I once stayed at a very nice Embassy Suites there once.)
Natalie Murphy said…
lol You crack me up.

Sorry you had a bad day.
Melissa said…
Um, east coaster here who comments at night:)

Yeah, I'd hate a 45 minute commute. I had a 30 minute one to my last job and I HATED it.
Donna Hole said…
I get home so late from my day job I don't know why I bother commenting. (lol)

There's always someone up and surfing blogs.

Hope you week gets better.

We all have things we find annoying and painful with our own jobs while others look so glamorous/entertaining, don't we?

Thanks for the reality check, I'll keep my verbose Bam.
carissajaded said…
HAHA my coworkers are all obsessed with those louisville players, its funny when them mentioned!! I think you are great! No worries posting late or whatever. Love you girl!!
Ashley Stone said…
Hey Lady! Left you something over at my place. : )
Emily said…
Well, I thought your nothing-going-on-Monday was awfully entertaining!
jayme said…
AMBERSPICE!! I MISS YOU!! i heard you were here yesterday and i total criedspice since i missed you. so tell me everything! i heard you dont' have email...WTF? can you blog?! is your world crashing down!? gahh!
オテモヤン said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shandal said…
Guess what?! Try not to freak out on me here, okay? I've never ate a Panera before. Ahhhh!

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