spammy whammy and self-loathing, writer style

I got my first spammy-anonymous comments today.

I am not happy about this. I have no interest in seeing Miley Cyrus nude.

If the commenter left a link about seeing Ryan Reynolds in the buff -- well, that might have been a different story.

Anywho, I hope this does not become a regular occurance on my blog. I post enough smut on my own, and don't need the from some nameless commenter in that arena. Nor do I need viruses to infiltrate my computer. Stay away, H1N1 of the internet!

Moving on.

Many of my followers are the writerly type, and I so enjoy your tips and advice and reading about your journeys. I wish I had the focus to blog about writing every day.

But, it's six days into the new year and I am not happy with a word I have written in 2010. (Well, except for the no kissy blogfest scene. I definitely dig that.)

I was stressing about the middle of the book -- it was sagging, it was lacking something -- so after struggling through a few scenes I decided to abandon ship and head to another section well into the second half of my story.

My husband went to bed early last night. He was feeling a little under the weather. I thought about how wonderful it was going to be to have peace and quiet. It was just going to be me and my manuscript, snuggled together on the couch with the electric blanket.

I tried to write. I wrote a paragraph and hated it. Then, I did an online crossword puzzle. I wrote another paragraph and hated it. I watched Chelsea Lately. Then I wrote another paragraph went to bed.

Patheticspice. I don't even like this blog post.

I think I shall hibernate until early March. I'm a bear to be around in the winter.


Wendy Sparrow said…
Eww. Miley Cyrus naked? Blech. I need to go rinse my eyes with bleach just for reading that. My kids are big Hannah Montana fans. That's a big bowl of nasty.

It's only the sixth of January, Amber. Don't go into hibernation just yet. I think everyone needs a little warm-up after the gluttony of the holidays.
Tina Lynn said…
I haven't liked anything that I've written ever. So, feel better. At least you aren't as terribly mean to yourself as I am.
I'm pretty sure it will get better. My own inspiration comes in spurts, and I just try to fit it into times I have free. I'll get cold stretches, and suddenly, I'll think of something, and then it all gets better. It's probably best to write a little every day (even if you hate it), but I have to admit that this comment may be one of the only things I write today. So. There you go.

And besides, sometimes a break from your work is necessary to figure out what isn't working!
Oh, and double-ew on the Miley Cyrus thing.
Travener said…
I don't even like looking at Miley Cyrus fully clothed.

Sometimes I just push through crappy writing to keep the story going, knowing that I'm going to go back to it, and go back to it, and go back to it...

And as Wendy said, it's only the sixth of January. A lot of us seem to be off to a rough start this year, but that means it has to get better, right?

I can't watch Chelsea Lately. I start thinking bad thoughts about the attractive blonde woman who likes to curse and drink and talk about sex. And then my wife glowers at me.


And...Jeez, spammer dude, don't you know Miley turns 18 this year? We'll be seeing plenty of her naked later on, I'm certain.
I've only had a few spammers on my blog... If I get more I will enable the word verification but I'm hoping I don't have to!
meredith said…
hate spam. love chelsea lately. like in love. i especially heart chuy.
carissajaded said…
I never like anything I write either, but I love your writing!

Please don't hibernate from your blog, it would make me sad!

And ignore anon. commenter.. those guys are assholes.
dirtywhitecandy said…
Keep going. After the bad days come the good ones.
Yvonne said…
Sorry about the spam. That's disgusting.

You just have to work through the lows. It happens to everyone. I wrote a post earlier today that I don't even like. Writing is a pretty nauseous process.
Slamdunk said…
I had a run with someone posting spam about Sweeden--not sure how they thought it was a good use of their time.

I am ready for the blah of January to be gone as well, and don't blame you.
laurel said…
To help get your creative juices flowing again (or perhaps thawed out!), I've tagged you to do the writer's meme, a fun questionnaire. Stop by my blog to see the questions.

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