this is my now.

I should be writing.

I mean, like, actually working on my manuscript.

I feel like such a fraud.

There are the excuses -- I just started a new job, American Idol was on last night and is on again tonight, my husband is looking over my shoulder (when he isn't hogging the laptop.)

Then, there is the reality: in 2010, nothing has changed. I still don't write every day. I can't even churn out 500 little words with daily regularity. Here we are, 1/12 of the way through a new year, and I haven't really accomplished much at all in the I-wanna-be-a-writer department.

The old Amber would call herself predictable and let the disappointment fester. Ohh, yeah. That's so me. There I went again, not following through on my promises to myself. I'll never change. I suck at life.

But, do you know what I just said to the old Amber?

I said, Shut up, old Amber. Who cares? It doesn't matter what you haven't done.

Just start doing it.


I don't often give words of encouragment on my blog. (I'm often too busy entertaining you with tales of twenty-something woes and misadventures.)

However, today I want to put a motivational little bug in your ear.

Don't hold yourself back. Don't let past failures interfere with today. What does it matter -- the thing you haven't done yet? So what? Just go do it now. We don't need a new year to make a life choice: to change. It doesn't have to start February 1st or next week or anytime but now.

So, here I go. I'm jumping in, on a random day in January -- not beating myself up for the things I haven't done, and not just expecting more of the same from myself.

I'm off.

I'm off to write.

Right now.


meredith said…
yeaaaahhh, shut up old amber!!

go get 'em new amber!! :)

love that. keep keepin' on girl!
staceyjwarner said…
who cares if you write everyday...if you don't enjoy than it doesn't matter...

you will write when it is right...when the muse is ready to play...

much love
carissajaded said…
DO IT!!! And good for you for not beating yourself up over not doing things. Everything takes time and luckily, the writing thing doesn't have a time limit!!
Melissa said…
Go Amber!!! Write away!!! WooHoo!!!

Sorry, I'm on a sugar high now from eating too much chocolate:)
Write, but don't let your novel write you. Write when you can, not when you should. Write for the love of it, not out of necessity. Write to be sincere, not urgent.

Wordle that...I wonder what word would be huge...
Natalie Murphy said…
Woo hoo!

Go Amber, Go Amber =D

-shakes pompom's around-
Travener said…
Set out a time every day for writing that's inviolate -- you're not allowed to do anything else. Doesn't matter if it's only 45 minutes. It adds up. I mean, I must have written 50,000 words on my dumb blog already.
Hey- thanks for your comments on my blog!
So.... you worked in restaurants for a decade? Want to do a War Story Wed post for me? I read a bit of your blog and love your style! If you are interested hit me up at (avoid my gmail account- something's up with it!)
laurel said…
Go for it! You're right that arbitrary dates for personal reformation (you know, like Jan 1) are not helpful. Change happens when we embrace it, when we're really ready.
jayme said…
lemme guess - you didn't write anything. kiddingspice. you're so inspirational. :) :)
Jm Diaz said…
Blogging counts like writing, no?
Oh, and can I tell old Amber to shut up, too? Plleeaasssee...

i don't write everyday. I know I can't But I do make sure that I spend a more then two hours, at least twice a week for that. I call it it my other job. And I tell the fam that I'm going to work, after work today. That's it.

You can do it, and old Amber. Shut yer pie hole!


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