TMI Thursday: in which I am a poet

Shannon at Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe is hosting a poetry celebration day. (I'm a sucker for sonnets, a supporter of stanzas, and a glutton for punishment.) Misery loves company, so head over and sign up.

the rough draft

With petals and paintbrushes,
we pick and paste pain, and
soil a pure canvas
with shallow shades of shame.
Condolences ring out in firey reds,
tears rush in watercolored blues.
We attach our brushes to could-be
beautiful hues.
We trample on the
sacred grounds of artistry when
we carelessly slosh
sponged up imagery
on plastic pages
or write weary/wasted
watered-down words.
We have forgotten the frailty of language.
We bend; we break.
We the writers,
risk ruin,
and find our treasure that way.

about a boy

god's thumbnail decorates the night sky
like he's stamping his imprint onto earth,
and barefoot, I drive familiar roads home,
tuning the radio
adjusting the air
thinking of him
and wondering if he saw god's thumbprint tonight, too,
all the way across the country
now that i'm miles further from his heart.

If you would like to read more of my poetry, you can click here or here. (Isn't it sweet that I think you might want to?)

This installment of TMI Thursday bucks tradition, yes -- but head over to Lilu's blog for tragic tales most likely not written in verse.


Travener said…
Ah, "About a Boy" is sweet. A little gem.
Wow Amber--I'm impressed. I LOVED these--especially 'the rough draft.' It's SO true--especially the last line.

Thank you SO much for participating and I hope lost of people find this and enjoy!
Jeney Peney said…
These are great! Kudos!
"now that I'm miles further from his heart"
wonderful line, lovely poems. Thanks for sharing them.
jayme said…
weepspice. your poetry makes me was to tip toe across snow...spice.
Aw, I love the thought of God's thumbnail in the sky... I doubt I'll ever look at a crescent moon again without thinking that!
Valerie said…
I loved both of these! I really loved the imagery you created in "rough draft" what a great comparison. Great job!
Wow. At the risk of wasting more words, I loved both of these.
You, my dear, are NO rough draft.
Myrna Foster said…
Oh, I loved these! Thank you for sharing them.
Elana Johnson said…
Wow, I really admire people who can write poetry. That is so not me! Good job!
Melissa said…
Wow! I love these! I'm always a little jealous of people who can write poetry because I'm terrible at it.
Yvonne said…
Nice, Amber. And I didn't even know today was poetry celebration day. We can never have too much poetry. "About a Boy" is touching.

I left you something on my blog. Good timing I think.
Ashley Stone said…
enjoying your blog. Love your "TMI Thursdays!" Great idea!
Jm Diaz said…
I'm an "about a boy" fan as well...

You've got that contest in the bag... you don;t need no stinkin' luck

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